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Dentist's Viral 60-Second Hack Will Make Your Mask Fit So Much Better

I'm not here to debate the idea of whether or not people should be wearing masks. I choose to do so, and this article is for other people who do the same.

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And for those that are struggling to find a mask solution that fits them properly.

I wear glasses and even with an adjustable nose piece on my mask, I still get a face full of fog whenever I step between the muggy summer outside and the cool air conditioning of local businesses.

After seeing this video on TikTok by Dr. Olivia Cuid, I'm definitely going to try her hack.

TikTok | @oliviacuidmd

While medical grade masks are fit to the person wearing them, the surgical and cloth masks we're being asked to wear in public tend to be one size fits all.

If you have a smaller face, that can mean the mask is too loose at the sides, both lessening the amount of protection and making the mask fall off easily when talking.

Dr. Cuid's hack easily tightens the loose sides of the mask, with no extra tools or materials.

TikTok | @oliviacuidmd

To start, flatten and smooth out the mask, and then fold it in half lengthwise.

With the mask folded, tie a knot in the elastic band on each side.

TikTok | @oliviacuidmd

You want to tie the knot as close to the corner of the mask as you can, without actually getting the mask fabric caught in the knot.

With both sides knotted, unfold the mask again.

TikTok | @oliviacuidmd

It will now have a bowl-like shape, with gaps at each end where the fabric pops out near the knots. Fold the extra into the inside of the mask.

Now when you put the mask on, the sides will come to a point.

TikTok | @oliviacuidmd

Instead of a big, gaping flap of extra fabric, the sides will sit much more tightly to your cheeks. I'm definitely going to try this with my masks, since they fit okay, but still a bit loose.

If you're more of a visual learner, you can see Dr. Cuid do the whole hack in under 60 seconds in her TikTok video.

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