People Share Comforting Work Stories After HBO Intern's Accidental Mass Email

Whenever we start a new job, it's almost always a pretty nerve-wracking experience.

Not only do we have just a vague idea of what we're supposed to do but chances are we've got a whole new system to learn that everybody else is already used to. And when we make a mistake, we tend to build it up as a huge one that could not only cost us our jobs, but sink the company at large.

Of course, those nerves and our catastrophic imaginations tend to dissipate with time but when we're in the eye of a big mistake, it's hard to see things that way.

So when one intern at HBO made an unfortunately public mistake, it obviously sounded familiar to a lot of Twitter users, who came through with some seriously wholesome responses.

On June 17, HBO Max subscribers were puzzled to receive this email from the company.

Based on the fact that its contents wouldn't mean anything to those who don't know what an integration test is, it was pretty clear that the message had been sent in error.

That night, HBO tweeted out an explanation for what happened.

And as you can see in their statement, it turned out that an intern had accidentally sent it out to HBO Max's mailing list.

Although the company's statement suggested they were sympathetic to their likely nervous intern, the love started to spread even further when people started a reassuring trend known as "dear intern."

One of these responses really put how minor the intern's mistake was into perspective.

As this person said, "I once globally took down Spotify. It almost happened twice. My team was awesome about it and I'm still here."

Since he's someone in a similar field, he also figured that the intern was actually being helpful by figuring out a problem with HBO's integration system the hard way.

But while that user's story likely helped a lot, others were both comforting and funny at the same time.

I can't say I'd mind finding out which Muppet I remind my coworkers of, but it was obviously a massive deal to the person who looked like Beaker.

Maybe it's for the best that he can only say "meep meep meep."

But even though that Muppet folly almost got that person fired, it still probably wasn't as embarrassing as what happened to this lawyer when she was starting out.

My eyes would definitely be wider as a law firm partner after learning that one of my associates spent 50 pages arguing for the rights of the "panties" than if they just thought I looked like Fozzie Bear.

And of course, one user reminded us that nothing compares to one employee's mistake that we all remember.

Yeah, remember when someone accidentally sent out an emergency alert stating that Hawaii was about to be ground zero for a nuclear attack?

Dear intern, at least your accidental mass email just made users mildly confused and not afraid for their lives.

Hopefully, they feel a little better about what happened now.