Teens Walk Out Of School To Protest The Dress Code: 'What We Wear Is Not Distracting'

School dress codes have always been a point of contention among students, especially in recent years.

Earlier this month, the argument boiled over at a local California high school when a group of teens staged a walk out in order to protest their school's sexist dress code.

The video has since gone viral, receiving more than 3.6 million views on TikTok.

Dress codes have been amongst one of the biggest debates recently both online and in person.

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A lot of people have noticed the double standards that come with the dress code, and how women are penalized even for just showing their shoulders.

But as every year passes by, more and more students get fed up with it.

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All over the world, people are going online to talk about their experiences with dress codes and how it has hurt them.

Including students from California.

Earlier this month, teens at a California high school decided they'd had enough.

Boys and girls of all grades participated in an organized walk out the same day that the principal was set to hold a school assembly regarding dress code.

The students wore crop tops as a sign of solidarity.

Many students wrote the word "distraction" across their midriffs in black marker.

Others hung up signs and posters around the school, saying "If children’s midriffs distract you, you should not be working with children.”

In a follow up video, TikTok user @baggyjeanmom (Evita IRL) said that the students felt the dress code perpetuated rape culture:

"We all just want some freedom of expression and freedom to express our confidence, whether that's in a baggy t-shirt or in a tight little tank top," Evita explained.

She continued by saying:

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“We, as students, feel like what we wear is not distracting towards others and not affecting anyone’s learning environment,”

Since posting the video, Evita has received a sea of support.

"THIS IS GOOD!!! keep it up omg," one person commented. "ya'll are legends for this," another user exclaimed.

"I mean in University, we don't have a dress code and everything is fine and no one is distracted, so I don't know where they get that from," said another.

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"Let's go, everyone. So proud of everyone, especially the younger grades." wrote another.

But Evita knows that real life is different than school.

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“We know we’re gonna have a dress code when we get older and possibly have uniforms with whatever job that comes, but right now, we’re in school,” Evita said.

"We’re in a learning environment. We should not have to be kicked out of class for wearing a crop top.”

Another TikToker commented:

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"They can hold an assembly to tell girls how to dress but they can’t have an assembly to educate boys on how they should respect other people's bodies."

Where do you stand?

Were Evita and her classmates right for staging a walk out or was there a better way to handle it?

Leave a comment and let us know!