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Teacher Steps In With His Own Shoes For Student In Violation Of Grad Dress Code

Graduation ceremonies for 2021 (and 2020, for that matter) have been in flux thanks to the pandemic.

While some institutions are able to give their students a special day with an in-person ceremony, there are still some silly factors that can get in the way.

This story has a happy ending, but it's kind of ridiculous that it needed to be a story at all.

Teacher John Butler shared a story on Facebook.

Butler wrote that one of his students came to him in a panic during the graduation ceremony. The student was wearing his robe and mortarboard, but told Butler that they wouldn't let him get his diploma because of his wardrobe.

What could the problem be?

Incredibly, the school administrators apparently took exception to the student's lack of footwear. Butler did some quick thinking and gave the student the shoes off his feet.

Here's the post.

You can read Butler's full story below. I absolutely love the photo of the shoeless teacher and the proud grad who's wearing dress shoes that are maybe a little too big.

Here are the shoes, by the way.

In a follow-up post, Butler shared an image of the shoes that were apparently so out of place that school administrators would deny a student the opportunity to collect his diploma.

Butler's post gathered a huge response.

Facebook | John Butler

So far, Butler's Facebook post has garnered over 27,000 reactions and 3.4 thousand comments. And the kind words keep pouring in. The comments are brimming with words of thanks, praising the educator for his inspiring deed.

Commenters could hardly believe it.

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It's honestly tough to get your head around the prospect of a student's shoes — especially plain, black, understated shoes — being such an issue.

The big takeaway? John Butler's generosity.

Facebook | John Butler

Butler was able to make that kid's day with his quick thinking, and he was appropriately showered with praise for his actions.

A lesson for us all about educators.

This teacher's story stands as a confirmation of the role educators play in the lives of their students. While it's undoubtedly true that teachers instill knowledge and advocate for learning, they're also there to promote their students' general well-being.

Thank you, John Butler!

Butler has shown that an educator's ability to go above and beyond is not only commonplace but often a "no brainer." It's wonderful to know that individuals like Butler have the best interest of today's youth at heart. That they're willing to literally give them the shoes off their feet to ensure student success.

Way to go, grads!

You might not get the 2021 graduation you wanted, but you made it!

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