A Bride Made Her Own Unique Wedding Dress And Finished It The Day Before The Wedding

Every bride imagines their perfect dream dress for their wedding day. Some brides want big, ball gowns and other brides want things a bit more low-key and casual. Whatever their style may be, there is a dress out there for everyone.

However, there are some brides who have a knack for fashion and decide they want to make their dress as original as possible. One bride decided that she would make it herself.

Esther Andrews is a New York City based designer who knits wedding dresses for her own company.

Andrews owns the company Esther Andrews Bridal, which specializes in bridal knit-wear. Andrews herself handmakes bridal wear for brides on their very special day. Things on her website include shawls and wraps, but she had never really made an entire bridal gown before.

However, when Andrews was getting married, she decided to take the plunge.

The NYC-based designer decided to make her entire dress from scratch, and do it all herself. She began to knit her wedding dress based off some inspiration that she found and then documented the entire process on TikTok for people to watch.

Her inspiration was also unique.

Andrews said her inspiration was "space pirate" meets a "tomato patch" because it was "silly and fun." Clearly, she has a unique and different style, but was able to make it into something gorgeous in the long-run for her wedding day.

Andrews had to use a lot of yarn.

As it goes with any knitting project, you need a ton of yarn to get it done. For this specific dress, Andrews said she needed "over 4 miles of mohair lace yarn," which, to be honest, is a lot! Think about driving 4 miles!

She did say that she was "nervous" when she began to sew it all together.

She had to take her own measurements and "trust" that it would fit, because, with knitting, there was no "going backward" and adjusting the size. She was nervous because she didn't know if it would fit nicely and well enough to wear.

And yet, she nailed it!

In her TikTok video, she showcases that the dress totally fit like a glove and looked exactly as she had imagined it in the original sketches. The dress looked as though she had purchased it right off of a mannequin in a bridal boutique.

The dress took so much work, she didn't finish it until the day before!

Talk about commitment, Andrews shared that she finished the dress completely "literally the day before the wedding." That's enough to give any bride or person anxiety! But, she stood fast and she totally got it done. She even added the tomatoes!

The final product is absolutely amazing.

The dress came out absolutely stunning. It flows and twirls and looks exactly as Andrews had originally imagined it. Not to mention, she put in so much work over those 9 months, it's only right that she shows it all off!

Andrews also made her own wedding stockings.

In a couple of weekends and "a few movie marathons," she created stockings with hand-knit flowers on them to match the theme of her wedding. They were also, like the dress, absolutely stunning!

People online were totally blown away.

Commenters on TikTok were stunned that Andrews was able to hand-make this entire dress on her own in 9 months. Also, the fact that the dress is knitted made it even more impressive. People were "obsessed" with the dress and the look.

And, her husband even commented on the video, too!

People online were commenting that her husband was "such a lucky guy" to have such a talented and beautiful wife, and her husband even got in on the conversation.

He said, "if you're thinking I'm lucky, you don't even know the half of it!

AWWW! So sweet!

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