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Bartender Comes To Woman's Rescue After Man Was Harassing Her

Sexual harassment is a serious issue in our society. Countless women around the world are objectified every single day and it absolutely has to stop.

Recently, Twitter user @trinityallie was at the bar when she was approached by a strange man. Luckily, the bartender saw what was going on and quickly came to her rescue.

Harassment is something that women face on an everyday basis.

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Recent statistics have shown that as many as 1/5 women will be the victims of sexual assault or attempted sexual assault in their lifetime.

That's roughly 20% of all women on earth.

So when we hear about people stepping up to the plate to help, whether it's a man or woman, we tend to take notice.

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Especially since we need people to step in and help others when they're undergoing something so awful.

Like one TikTok user who was shopping when he noticed a girl looking very uncomfortable.

In the video he took it upon himself to walk over the girl to help her out by pretending that he knew who she was.

Thankfully, when she realized what it was that he was trying to do, she played along.

They also start chatting about the TikTok user's aunt, that way it was implied that an adult was present and would be joining them shortly.

The young man is able to lead her away from the older man harassing her and she thanks him continuously.

The young girl explains to him: "He asked if I wanted to go back to his place."

And now, a bartender did something similar when he noticed a situation unfolding at his place of work.

Recently, Twitter user @trinityallie was out at a bar when she started getting harassed by a male patron.

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The bartender who was serving her saw this happening and decided to act.

He walked over to her table with a note concealed in the bill fold.

The note instructed @trinityallie to put her ponytail over her opposite shoulder if she was feeling threatened.

The bartender wrote that even he was feeling creeped out by the man's advances.

"Legit the type of bartender everyone needs," @trinityallie tweeted out."

Our world needs more men like this!

Men, if you see a woman who looks like she may be in trouble — act on it!

Let's all try to be more like this bartender and take care of one another.

Clearly, people agreed.

The replies were mostly filled with people applauding the man for stepping in and helping out.

There were some who didn't see the issue but, obviously, they were also in the wrong.

In fact, even the bartender replied!

So not only did he come to the rescue but now he's also refusing to serve that man.

I have to say: we absolutely love to see this.

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