Just More Things That Royals Aren't Allowed To Do

Being a member of the Royal Family isn't always all that it's cracked up to be. With all of that power comes an incredible amount of responsibility and structure.

To give you a better idea of the sacrifices they make, I've compiled a list of even more things that Royals aren't allowed to do.

If nothing else, it will make you appreciate the simple joys in life.

Brightly-colored nail polish is off the table.

Try as you might, you'll never be able to find a single photo of Her Royal Highness or Kate Middleton with colored nails.

The Queen prefers a lightly sheered pink that resembles the color of a ballet slipper.

You must always eat at the same pace as the Queen.

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I would be kicked out of the palace so freaking fast my head would spin.

When the Queen starts eating, that's when the other dinner guests can begin their meal. As soon as she finishes, even if there's still food on your plate, you are forbidden from taking another bite.

Don't ask them for an autograph.

Members of the Royal Family are normally prohibited from signing autographs due to security protocols. The ultimate goal is to avoid any forgery or fraud.

Meghan Markle broke this rule when she signed a 10-year-old girl's autograph book.

Heirs can't fly together.

This is done in an attempt to help preserve the Royal bloodline in the event of a tragedy.

Prince William broke this protocol when he flew with his son George to Australia. Apparently, he and Kate didn't want to incur the cost of an additional flight.

Shellfish isn't an option.

This is due to the fact that shellfish comes with a greater risk of food poisoning. The Royal Family is also supposed to avoid rarely-cooked meats.

What's the point of having all that power if you can't even enjoy a little surf-n-turf?

Public displays of affection must be kept in-check.

That isn't to say that you'll never see members of the Royal Family physically expressing their love for one another.

It's that they're supposed to understand that there is a time and a place for everything.

Put the selfie stick away.

One craze that Royals never caught up with was selfies. There are two main reasons why this seemingly innocent act is not allowed.

For one thing, it's a breach of security protocol. And two, 'commoners' aren't supposed to ever turn their back to a member of the Royal Family.

Get married without the Queen's permission.

At the end of the day, What Queen Elizabeth II says is the law.

That means that her children and even her grandchildren must first seek her permission before they propose to their prospective partners.

They don't get political (or at least they aren't supposed to).

This means that Royals don't vote, nor can they run for public office.

By remaining neutral in matters of politics, it allows them to more easily relate to the public and all sections within society.

They can't be caught siting cross-legged.

The term 'duchess slant' was invented to describe the way that Kate Middleton sits with her knees and ankles together, leaning to one side.

This allows female members of the Royal Family to keep their poise whilst wearing a dress or skirt.

Jeans aren't to be worn, except under very special circumstances.

This is another rule that I'd struggle with; I practically live in my jeans.

The only time members of the Royal Family are allowed to don denim is when they're outside at informal social events or walking their dogs.

The board game Monopoly is forbidden.

Do not pass GO and do not collect $200 if you're a member of the Royal Family.

Prince Andrew is said to have banned the classic Parker Bros. board game because it evoked vicious behavior among family members.

Use social media of any kind.

Can you imagine if a member of the Royal Family slid into your DMs? What a scandal that would be!

It should be known that Princess Eugenie does have her own personal Instagram account, but she's the lone exception.

Female members of the Royal Family must wear stockings under their dress.

Meghan Markle broke this rule when she didn't wear stockings in her engagement photos.

According to Royal expert Victoria Arbiter, it's one of the few rules that the Queen is a stickler for.

Cleavage is strictly forbidden.

Royals are supposed to maintain their modesty and are therefore instructed to avoid tight form-fitting dresses.

The late Princess Diana used to call her purses "cleavage bags" because of how often she'd have to use them to conceal her chest.

Brides don't get the final say in their wedding bouquet.

To say that the brides willingly chose to include Myrtle in their bouquets might be a bit of a stretch.

Nevertheless, Queen Victoria was married in 1839 — that means that it's been nearly 200 years since this tradition was first imposed.

Up until 10 years ago, Royals couldn't marry a person of the Roman Catholic faith.

Protestants and Catholics do not have a happy history of getting along with one another — especially in England.

This Royal mandate was first put on the books all the way back in 1701.

Check your nickname at the door.

As soon as Kate Middleton married William, she was immediately referred to as Catherine Duchess of Cambridge.

All members of the Royal Family must be addressed by their official titles at all times, especially in public.

Children can't wear tiaras.

There are plenty of myths surrounding the etiquette of wearing a tiara. Contrary to popular belief, any woman regardless of whether she's married or not can wear a tiara.

It can, however, only be worn at the appropriate function.

Royals can only wear black during a funeral procession.

The rest of the time, The Queen prefers to see her family dressed in bright pleasing colors.

Her Majesty did decree that all members of the Royal Family must pack a black outfit when traveling, in case of a sudden tragedy.

Children aren't allowed to wear trousers.

Did you ever wonder why you only ever see Prince George pictured in shorts? It has to do with Royal etiquette.

Trousers or slacks are reserved for young men. To dress a child in pants is considered to be middle-class.

Wear a dress without weights sewn into the hem-line.

Have you ever seen that classic picture of Marilyn Monroe with her dress blown up over the sewer grate? Well, the Royals want to avoid a malfunction like that at all costs.

This is why Queen Elizabeth II insists that all dresses must be properly weighted with pennies in the seams.

Heirs are expected to serve.

There aren't many career opportunities available for members of the Royal Family, save for one — the military.

By no means do Royals need to serve, but it is certainly expected of the highest-ranking members.

Prince Phillip can't walk with his wife.

If you notice whenever you see the Queen and her husband, Prince Phillip, in public, he always walks at least two steps behind her. This is something known as the Order of Precedence.

Out of respect for her title, Phillip must always walk two feet behind her.

Get lipstick stains on the rim of a coffee cup.

You'd think that something as simple as enjoying a cup of tea would be rather straight-forward but you'd be wrong.

Women must always maintain the proper posture and ensure to always sip from the same spot on the cup.

Don't you dare touch the Queen's dogs.

For much of her reign, the Queen had a variety of different corgis roaming the palace.

Only the Queen herself was permitted to reprimand the dogs, and each one received multiple gourmet meals a day.

Female members of the Royal Family must always keep their chins parallel to the ground.

The explanation being that when a person's chin is pointing either up or down, it gives the impression that they aren't interested in what's going on around them.

Never exceed three pumps of a handshake.

Have you ever thought about the number of times you pump your fist up and down while shaking someone's hand? Members of the Royal Family certainly do.

In order to ensure they don't get caught up speaking to commoners, Royals are taught to never exceed two-three pumps.

All members of the Royal Family need to have a proper driver's license... except for the Queen.

Not only does the Queen not need a license, but she doesn't even require a license plate on the front of her car.

Oddly enough, her Majesty insists on driving herself to and from various locations throughout her day.

Certain words are off-limits.

For example, Royals are discouraged from using the word 'pardon' and will instead say 'sorry.'

They're also not allowed to refer to a lavatory as a toilet, and may God help you if you're heard uttering the word 'perfume.'

Royal children are forbidden from meeting world leaders.

For the most part; there's always exceptions to every rule.

William and Kate did have to get special permission for George to be able to meet Barack Obama.

Would you be able to live like a Royal with all these rules? Leave a comment and let us know!