10+ Ways To Give Homes A Makeover While On A Tight Budget

Now that your spring cleaning is done, you might be feeling in the mood to totally transform your space.

The problem with this, though, is that home makeovers tend to run on the pricy side. Thankfully, we have a solution: these 10+ ways to give your home a makeover on a budget.

Most are even TikTok-approved!

Paint an accent wall.

A lot of TikTok users did this while they were really bored in quarantine.

In the end, the results were anything but boring since an accent wall livens any space. You can even use tape to create a design.

Use a surface cover to make your countertops and tables look extra fancy.

Instead of buying expensive furniture with a marble design, simply stick on an adhesive.

It's easy to apply and gives countertops, tables, and more, a sophisticated look in seconds.

Use scratch guards to protect your furniture from pets.

If you have pets who like to scratch or bite up the furniture, you need this.

It's so much cheaper than having to purchase all-new furniture.

Paint your dressers.

Don't throw out that old dresser!

Bring it back to life instead by sanding it down and throwing on a pretty coat of paint on top. A change of color can make an old dresser look like new again.

Use this pet hair roller to make your carpet and furniture look brand new.

TikTok users went nuts over this super-effective pet roller that removes so much pet hair in seconds.

Use it on furniture, carpet, cushions, and more. You'll be glad you did.

Replace a drawer full of cleaning supplies with this natural all-purpose cleaner.

In addition to smelling great, this natural product features five readable ingredients that make you feel good about what you're using in your home.

Since it's all-purpose, you'll save money on buying several different cleaners.

Bring furniture back to life with these furniture touch-up sticks.

This highly-rated product prevents you from throwing out good furniture that looks a little mucked-up from scratches.

Simply use these sticks to make your furniture look good-as-new.

Use a paint touch-up to quickly fix chips and cracks.

Products like these save you the trouble of painting a whole wall over.

If you're sensitive to paint smells, choose one that is non-toxic. You could also purchase this paint pen, which you fill up with your own paint.

Remove oil stains using a remover.

There's nothing worse than discovering an oil stain on your expensive marble countertops (or even the adhesive ones recommended above).

Thankfully, this oil stain remover will have your counters looking brand-new in 72 hours.

Use window screen repair tape to fix holes in your screen window.

This product is a heck of a lot cheaper than replacing a whole window screen. It also looks a lot cleaner than duct tape.

With it, you'll never have to worry about pesky bugs easily getting in again.

Use a fabric defuzzer to save your favorite items.

This nifty gadget by Conair is effective (and so fun to use!).

You simply glide the defuzzer over everything from your favorite clothes to furniture to remove pills and broken fibers.

Use a microfiber blind cleaner to get rid of dust.

If you've ever tried to remove dust from blinds using your hands, you'll know how difficult that is.

This handy gadget solves that by cleaning both sides of two blinds at once. Bonus: the microfiber sleeves are reusable!

Use a TubShroom to prevent hair clogs.

People rave about this product on Amazon since it does such a great job of preventing hair clogs.

You'll never have to gag while pulling hair up from the drain again. You can also get the SinkShroom!

Make a room look more organized with a cord cover.

If you look around at your cords right now, you'll see that they make quite the mess.

Solve that problem easily with a cord cover. They are relatively cheap, easy to find, and easy to install.

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