10+ Unusual-Looking Houseplants To Add To Your Growing Collection

Most people who collect houseplants know that there's no such thing as having too many houseplants. Okay, well maybe if your house is starting to resemble a literal greenhouse, that might be a sign to stop. But, if you still have room in your collection and are looking for some unique additions, check out these unique options!

Fishbone cactus.

It's weird, it's wavy, and it's actually a cactus! This is the fishbone cactus, aptly named for its crazy, fish-like structure. This would look SO cool next to some palm leaf plants.

The red venus fly trap looks threatening af.

This is the perfect plant for homes that want to keep things a little spooky year-round. The venus fly trap is carnivorous and honestly may help keep your home pest-free.

Polka Dot Begonias are so chic.

The only way I know how to describe this plant is stylish. Doesn't it just look like it adorns the dresser of a fashionista who lives in a New York high rise?

The Life Saver plant looks like something out of 'Beetlejuice'.

This cactus is unique — the classic cactus stems actually grow until they become trailing vines! Yup, you can have a long-legged cactus if your very own. Nice.

Living stones look like brains.

I mean... come on now. This is the living stone, a plant that I think looks best in a cluster of succulents. It kind of freaks me out, but in a cool way.

The rose succulent creates a different kind of bouquet.

How flippin' cute is this bouquet? This is a rose succulent blooms exactly like a rose, but it stays that way for much longer. I want one of these!

The Euphorbia Lactea REALLY likes to grow.

And it can change color! It can be white and pink when it's not that deep, gorgeous green. This would be an amazing plant to get if you're looking to have your cactus take up space.

A Hoya Heart will bring a little love to your plant collection.

Hi, I did not know heart shaped plants existed until right this second, and now I want a billion of them. This is a Hoya Heart, and it stays heart shaped for quite a while!

The Rex Begonia loves humidity.

With the skin pattern and texture of a T. Rex, the amazing Rex Begonia would be a great statement piece for those willing to deal with picky plants!

Take your plant collection under the sea with a Coral Cactus.

The Coral Cactus' unique fin can bend and morph itself into something that genuinely reveals a coral reef! It's also a great plant for beginners, since it's very hard to kill.

The Staghorn Fern genuinely looks like it belongs on a wall.

It's a gorgeous plant that resembles the horns of a stag! You could totally put it on a wall and have a plant bust, rather than the traditional dead animal one. No thanks!

The Donkey's Tail is great for a good trailing plant moment.

How cute is this? I think it has the energy of a string of pearls, but it definitely has a look and texture all its own. This would look incredible hanging off of a shelf!

The Frizzle Sizzle is goofy as heck.

This is perfect for people who want a bit of whimsy in their homes! The frizzle sizzle curls and bobs like a plant straight out of Dr Suess.

Cooper’s Haworthia is cute as heck.

This jelly-looking plant is a succulent! The bulbs are actually translucent, making it a much sought-after plant for succulent collectors. I know I want one — look how cool it is!