People Online Question Mom's Mess-Free Finger Painting Hack

If you're a mom of a toddler, you know how hard it is to create fun activities for the kids that aren't too messy. After all, kids will find a way to reorganize your house if you let them, ha, ha!

So, this one mom came up with a neat idea to let kids be kids without all the mess. But unfortunately, not everybody is on board with it.

Let me ask you this: What are your kids' favorite activities?

If you answered finger painting, you're in luck. As much as your kids may love this, it's so messy. Am I right? What if there was a better way to do it then?

Well, according to this mom, there is.

Unsplash | Senjuti Kundu

And, she's happy to share this hack with all of us. In fact, she created a TikTok video that has now gone viral. It seems that some people love this idea and others hate it.

But, before we get into that, let's see what all the fuss is about, huh?

This super clever mom recognizes the fact that finger painting is a messy job. Therefore, she wanted to make it easier on herself and other moms.

So she came up with a mess-free way for kids to do finger painting.

To demonstrate this, she actually created a funny video where she pretends to be a toddler. Ha, ha! I bet you can guess how that goes, right?

Basically, when toddlers do finger painting, they create a ton of mess.

That's a no-no for a mom. A mess-free house is what all moms dream of. So, why not do this activity like an adult? How about that?

What this mom does is she squeezes globs of different colored paints onto a piece of paper.

Then, she carefully inserts this paper into a Ziploc. Next, she lets her kids do finger painting over the bag. Aha! See what she did here?

Now, the kiddos can still have some fun with no mess.

It makes total sense to me. However, not everybody agrees with this #MomHack. A lot of folks started hating on the idea, and comments like these started to pop up.

Other people pointed out that touching things like paint is a sensory experience for the little ones.

Doing it this way can actually rob kids of this unique opportunity. Hmm, I do see their point here. What a dilemma this has created, huh?

So what do you think of this?

Are you on board with your kids having a mess-free experience? Or do you fully support all the mess playing created no matter how bad it gets? I would love to know your thoughts on this.