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People Are Sharing The Double Standards That Really Grind Their Gears

Now that it's 2021, there are some changes we'd like to see.

First, free dogs for those who can care for them — it's simply mandatory. Second, more government funding money to help those struggling. And finally, the end of double standards.

After all, the world has many: a bullied child getting punished for fighting back. A woman being judged for sleeping around while men are called a stud.

It goes on and on, and Reddit is sick of it.

The jealous ex.


Once a relationship is over, both parties are free and clear to move on.

Yet, it often happens that the other person gets mad at their ex dating someone new... while they're also in a new relationship!

The lazy boss.


"My Boss has brought me into his office repeatedly to tell me I don't do enough work and that we are all swamped right now. My Department is short staffed. Yet he has no issues sitting at his desk watching movies all day long." - Redditor IdealIgnition

When a mom can parent but a dad can only babysit.

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Just because a woman gives birth to a child doesn't mean that the dad is any less of a dad.

Yet, one Redditor's husband kept having people say he was babysitting instead of simply caring for his kids.

Disrespectful parents.


"Parents can disrespect their children at every turn and insult them, but when the child stands up for themself...they're reprimanded for being ungrateful and disrespectful." —Redditor bloodinthefields. Unfortunately, a lot of parents won't see it this way.

Angry people expecting kindness.

This Redditor summed up snowflakes pretty well:

"Person 1 yells at Person 2, then gets offended if Person 2 yells back at them." If Person 1 didn't come in so hot, a fight wouldn't have ensued.

The unrealistic manager.


"Expecting flawless, perfect work from new employees who are still learning their job, while forgiving sloppy mistakes and subpar performance from longtime employees." - Redditor SteakGunsandBeers.

At some point, loyalty shouldn't be a free pass.

The bullied child fighting back.

This is a reminder that school rules are very unfair.

A child is bullied endlessly by another child. But the moment they fight back, they're the ones in trouble. What kind of logic is that?

The wishy-washy professor.

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"Professor: 'Attendance is mandatory. So, if this class interferes with your work or personal schedule, too bad. By the way, I won't be here next week because I'm going to a conference.'" —Redditor bluecatcollege

Trying to get a job with no work experience.

In addition to applications that are 10 pages long, employers expect 5+ years of experience for an entry-level job.

Excuse me, that's why we're applying for your position! To get experience!

Late paychecks.

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"My employer expects me to flawlessly come into work on time every day with no excuses allowed, yet our paychecks being late are met with rationalizations and excuses from the payroll department." - Redditor GrannyGoodness79

Companies who fire employees without notice, yet ask for two weeks notice when someone quits.

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Common courtesy should go both ways.

This is why some people choose not to give two weeks at all. They just leave.

Disloyal employers expecting loyalty.

"Employers expecting loyalty from employees while provided none in return. Sorry, buddy, loyalty is a two-way street. If you can terminate my employment at a moment’s notice, then I reserve the right to leave when I want to." - Redditor ChronoLegion2

Young folks have to respect their elders, yet elders can do no wrong.

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If you want respect, you have to give respect. That's just the way the world works.

Far too many older generations look down on younger folks for the same way they once acted.

Smoking breaks at work.


If a person who didn't smoke took as many breaks as a smoker, they would get in trouble. Yet, smokers get a free pass.

At this rate, people might take up smoking just so they can take 10+ breaks per day.

Child custody vs. a man and woman.

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"Why is it so hard to believe a dad can be a good parent? Moms can be [expletives] too! Not all men are pedos either. This double standard basically applies to every job interacting with a child." - Redditor Optimal-Froyo-3603

Wearing a bikini at the beach, yet a bra and underwear is unacceptable.

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I mean, in a way, this person is kind of right. They are basically the same kind of clothing: both show your arms, stomach, and legs.

The hiring process.

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"As someone seeking employment, I need to go above and beyond. The hiring company doesn't even have to tell me if they considered my application. The scale of common courtesy is grossly slanted." - Redditor pageplant93

A woman sleeps around and is looked down on, but a guy does the same thing and is labelled a stud.


The woman's reputation may be ruined, while the guy's social ranking goes up. It's an unfair advantage that starts young and continues all throughout adulthood.

The treatment between you owing a company money vs. them owning you money.

"If you owe a company money, you will be charged interest, late fees, and service interruption almost immediately after the due date. But if a company owes you money, you might see it in four to six weeks or two to three billing cycles." - Redditor rizzo1717