Teen Girl Shows No Hesitation To Fight Bear Attacking Her Dogs

The love between a dog and its owner is truly unlike anything else on this earth. For the vast majority of us, there's nothing that we wouldn't do for our fur babies.

But if push came to shove, would you really be willing to risk it all? Hailey Morinico certainly would, as was proven when she showed no hesitation fighting off a bear in order to save her dogs.

As the video starts to play, you can see a large momma brown bear and her cubs walking along the fence.

All of a sudden, four dogs rush into the backyard and immediately run to the fence in order to try and scare away the bear.

Only the terrifying beast doesn't move. Instead, she stands her ground and starts to fight back.

The dogs quickly realize the mistake they've made and try to run.

Of the four dogs, the first three are able to get away from the bear safely and make their way back to the house.

Unfortunately for the fourth, she wasn't as lucky and is scooped up by the bear's giant paw.

It's at this moment that Hailey Morinico sprints from the house and selflessly throws herself at the giant animal.

Hailey's sudden attack surprises the bear and knocks it back off the fence, causing it to drop the dog in the process.

The young teen then quickly picks up her pooch and makes a run for it.

Hailey told *CNN* that the only thing going through her mind was that she needed to protect her dogs.

"I had to do what I had to do," Hailey bravely explained. Luckily, Hailey only sustained minor injuries and all of her dogs escaped unscathed.

Would you be brave enough to fight off a bear for your dog? Leave a comment and let us know!