Babysitters Are Sharing The Most Deluded Posts From Parents They've Ever Seen

For many of us, babysitting is a first job: a way to earn a few bucks as a teenager.

Even though it may be a first job, babysitting is also an incredibly tough job, requiring on-call availability and childcare skills.

Redditors over at r/ChoosingBeggars shared some of the most ridiculous want ads from parents seeking babysitters...and there were some real doozies.

That's a big ask.

Reddit | JohnnyLong123

So, to recap, the prospective babysitter here will be getting $160 a week to work from 7 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday. That's a 55-hour week. They'll also need to be picked up and dropped off.

Who could turn that down?

Reddit | jhernto

Here's a similar ask. $25 is $25, but when you break it down into hourly wage, it starts to seem like a terrible deal.


Reddit | keelhaulrose

So this parent is willing to pay $100 a week, which is terrible, and also expects the babysitter to cook and provide vegan organic food.

"Deal breaker".

Reddit | sky12340987

I can't believe the audacity of this babysitter asking to be paid. No wonder this request was a 'deal breaker'. Yeah, that's sarcasm.

What a deal!

Reddit | BanannaKarenina

I like how one of the commenters points out that this demanding babysitting job pays way worse than your average high school job.

Sorry, Galileo.

Reddit | pikakim

I like how this person asks for a cat sitter, then turns it around as if they never wanted a cat sitter to begin with.

Well, they won't pay $900 every two weeks.

Reddit | Ultramass

These parents are willing to pay $150 a week for five days a week, nine hours a day. That isn't a very good rate of pay.

Just go on unemployment.

Reddit | westcoastcdn19

Is this some kind of parenting hack for cheap sods? Just tell the babysitter to go on unemployment to make money?

$10 an hour is too much.

Reddit | sarcasm_included

Apparently this mom has "CPR certified adult friends" who would jump at the chance to babysit for less than minimum wage.

Only 14 conditions.

Reddit | protoss12345

This babysitter should be multilingual with no tattoos who's willing to pay for snacks. Hard to turn that one down!

About two bucks an hour.

Reddit | fartypantsmcghee

I like how some parents lowball so hard that literally no one would be willing to work for their rates.

Yeah, I don't think so.

Here's a creative ask: instead of paying a babysitter, can you simply get the babysitter to just pay you?

$30 a week.

Reddit | alexpleasestop23

If you crunch the numbers here, the lucky applicant will be paid a whopping 75 cents an hour for their services.

"That's like a dollar an hour."

Reddit | goldbricker83

I love the succinct reply to this.

If you've ever babysat, we want to hear your stories! Make sure to share them in the comments section.

That's a lot to ask.

Reddit | Meow123393

Here's a posting for a full-time nanny that'll pay $300 a month. Who could turn down the chance to work for a $3,600/year salary?

You have to read it to believe it.

If you're spending close to $5000 on gifts, can't you at least pay your babysitter the money you owe them? But there are so many other issues here.

Wow. Just wow.

Meager pay aside, it's not hard to see why the babysitter didn't want to work for this person anymore.

"Sometimes the baby screams or throws up too."

Would it not make more sense to ask someone to go grocery shopping for you? Or get your groceries delivered, perhaps?

'Well, I used to babysit for less than you want!' Flawless logic.

Okay, so they're saying they never pay more than $8, but back when they used to babysit, they used to make $10, but you should just be grateful for whatever they decide to give you? Yeah, no thanks.

How does no money sound?

Let me get this straight. Because you're too lazy to fill out the forms so you can get free babysitting, another sitter should work for free? You already have the free option!

It's a mystery why the last babysitter stopped texting back.

Maybe if they decided to pay more than $2 an hour, they'd have a babysitter that wouldn't mind coming by and watching the kids.

Please give up your summer for next to nothing.

All they're asking for is someone to give up the vast majority of their summer for less than $2 an hour. Who could say no to that!

This is just... a lot.

Babysitter, chauffeur, tutor, chef, housekeeper, personal shopper, pet care provider, computer wiz, desire to plan your schedule around our every need, and so much more. All you need to be is bilingual, have a bachelor's degree, and be willing to work for $13 an hour!

You can babysit and pay the rent. Their rent.

Trying to get a subletter when one of the rent agreements is 'I need you to randomly babysit my kid' will probably be offputting to most.

"My neighbour. Oh and by 'sit in her house' she means babysit her two very high needs children."

If this ad is for babysitting, then it's just purposely deceptive. Also, people pay more than $10 for a cat sitter to come and feed their pets!

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