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8+ Celebs Who Worked Normal Jobs Before They Got Famous

Once upon a time, celebs lived the simple life.

They did things for themselves and even took on a string of odd jobs to make ends meet.

Here are 10+ celebs who worked normal jobs before they got famous. We've got everything from mascots to even strippers!

1. Rachel McAdams

Even though she said that she wasn't a "great employee," the actress worked at McDonald's for three years!

"I had a little bit of an OCD thing with hand washing and just didn't have time," she told Glamour. "They were like, 'Hey, the drive-through's backing up. Stop washing your hands!'"

2. Nicki Minaj

Instagram | @nickiminaj

It's a good thing Nicki found her calling in rapping since she's not exactly cut out for normal jobs...

She was fired from four Red Lobsters. Four!

The reason why? She didn't handle customers who took her pen and didn't tip very well.

She would follow them to their car, bang on the windows, and even flip them off.

"I walked to the car, I banged on the car window, and I said, 'Give me my pen!'" she recalled. "My manager fired me on the spot."

3. Megan Fox

Instagram | @meganfox

The actress might never want to see another banana again after she spent grueling hours dressed up as a banana for a smoothie shop.

Yes, a banana.

"Once a week, usually on Fridays, someone had to dress up as a piece of fruit and go stand out by the highway. I was a banana, a giant banana," she told Ellen DeGeneres.

Whoever decided to hide her gorgeous face is clearly nuts.

4. Brad Pitt


Megan wasn't the only celeb to don a mascot suit before she became famous.

Brad Pitt used to dress up as a chicken to promote El Pollo Loco in Los Angeles.

5. Beyoncé

Instagram | @beyonce

Picturing Queen Bey sweeping hair in her mother's salon is majorly difficult, but this was her reality for several years before making it big as a singer!

She talked about this in her HBO documentary, Life Is But a Dream.

6. Channing Tatum

Instagram | @channingtatum

Before he stole our hearts on Step Up, Tatum was a stripper.

The stripping even ended up helping his acting career since he was able to bring his skillz to the Magic Mike movies.

7. Hugh Jackman

Prior to booking his big-time roles, the actor was making kids run laps as a gym teacher at a school in England!

He even once ran into one of his old students at a press event, as shown in this clip!

8. Jon Hamm

The Mad Men actor spent a lot of time on sets before he was one of the stars on one.

He did so as a set dresser for adult films.

"My friend said, 'You can have my job. I'm doing set dressing,'" Hamm recalled to "Esquire."

"I said, 'I don't know how to do that.' She says, 'They'll hire anybody… It's for these Skinemax … movies.'"

9. Meghan Markle

Instagram | @meghanmarkle

Long before she was a royal and even an actress, Meghan Markle worked for Paper Source doing calligraphy.

She even got to do the wedding invitations for Paula Patton and Robin Thicke, who wed in 2005.

10. Madonna

Instagram | @madonna

The singer worked at Dunkin' Donuts... for one day.

She worked there after dropping out of school and moving to New York in search of her big break.

However, she was fired on her first day for squirting a jelly-filled donut all over a customer.

Instagram | @madonna


If that customer still has that dirty shirt, I'm sure they could make a few bucks on eBay!

11. Miley Cyrus

Instagram | @mileycyrus

This might be the oddest job of all.

In 2013, Miley told Rolling Stone that she used to go on tour with her father, Billy Ray, as a child.

Whenever fans threw their underwear or bras on the stage, he would pay Miley $10 to go and pick them up.

“I’d get a really big one and be like, ‘Dad! I found your biggest fan!'” she said.