20 People Who Found Funny Solutions To Their Problems

It is good to see that some of humanity's inherent ingenuity has not faded away in recent years, and the people on this list are testament to that fact!

So, from people who revolutionized dog-fashion to individuals who made ingenious "improvements" to their steering wheel, here are 20 people who found funny solutions to their problems.

"A chihuahua wearing an anti-hawk and coyote vest."

It's a trifle sudden as an outfit though. One person did also point out, "It really works. The hawk & coyote die laughing and so the dog is safe."

"A local Game shop had their bathroom floor redone in Magic The Gathering Cards."

I mean, tiles can be very expensive and they will have an excessive amount of playing cards that's for sure!

"Found at a thrift store."

I know that there are countless people out there who have been craving underwear for their feet for years! Well, fret no longer!

"Mac & Cheesus!"

Christ in a carbonara that is some expensive pasta! It also looks like it could easily be marketed at Big Lebowski fans as well with some alternative packaging.

"Manual chainsaw..."

Why use a regular saw when you can make the task at hand more difficult for yourself with this terrifying contraption?!

"Self-Made Kitchen Lamp."

This would go particularly well in homes that base their decor upon a post-apocalyptic aesthetic!

"A battery organizer exists..."

This is one of the most '70s-era dad-esque Christmas gifts that I have ever seen in all of my years.

"Given lumber prices, that repair might be worth more than the car."

Maybe their plan is to turn this car into a galleon slowly over time, which is an idea I could maybe get on board with!

"I need this lazy Susan fridge!"

If I had one of these then maybe some of the old, tired-looking vegetables at the back of my fridge might finally have a chance of being eaten...a slim chance.

"Portable Wood, because everyone needs some luck in their life."

I bet that this is really made of plastic! Better to carry a bonsai tree around with you at all times for the same purposes.

"I built this monstrosity of an air purifier, out of 2 filters, a box fan and boredom."

I mean, it is pretty ramshackle, but I guess that it would sort of work? It's better than anything that I could throw together as well!

"Run out of clips? Use an old glasses case."

This strikes me as the sort of thing that you would do when you were fairly hammered. Also, I hope no one eats their glasses by mistake.

"This guy cut his wheel, so it looked like a 'racing wheel.'"

One Knight Rider fan added, "That's like all the people who want a Knight Rider wheel... Hasselhoff and the stunt drivers have all said in interviews it makes it much harder to turn."

"Buy a TV to display menu in your restaurant. Raise prices and buy a label printer. Voila!"

What a delightful waste of a television. Just print out the menu if you're going to stick paper on the TV anyway!

"Fried-Chicken-Scented Fire Log."

I have always wanted my fires to smell more like burning chickens, which is probably why my therapist keeps looking at me weirdly.

"Anti-theft lunch bags, wonder if they work?"

I suppose that the bigger worry with these would be that someone else would just throw your lunch away!

"Cut straws to make up for not having acrylic nails."

One person with prior experience in this particular area added, "I used scotch tape when I was a kid. It was dumb and fun."

"My grandad's been bending spoons to rest on the sides of pots since before I was born."

I think that this is actually a pretty ingenious idea. It would certainly help when it comes to resting a sticky jam spoon on the counter!

"A door turned into an unusable table. Have fun eating out of wobbly plates."

Although, the divots could be used for filling with dips and sauces! What a wonderfully horrendous idea that is!

"How long do you suppose this replacement door handle will last?"

"That'll just be good for a temporary fix until we fix it properly" — literally anyone just before they end up with a temporary fix becoming a permanent feature of their home.