15+ Solutions That Seem A Tad Extreme

Have you ever had one of those bosses who's all about "embracing problems, not solutions"? It's a good enough sentiment, but when we focus entirely on solutions, rather than the underlying problem, things have a way of getting squirrelly fast.

Gaming rig.

Reddit | Wikicomments

This is one of those things that clearly took a great deal of effort. This is also one of those things that really didn't need such an effort.

That'll hold.

Reddit | muchaschicas

I'm no stranger to using zip ties to hold my car together, but I did that to the bumper, not the tires. This looks like it'll be a bumpy ride.

If I fits, I sits.

Reddit | lydiapark1008

I can appreciate the craftsmanship here. The seller is right: Your friends absolutely won't stop talking about these...but it may be for the wrong reasons.

Some things work better in theory.

Reddit | ajfoucault

A bra cup is more or less face-shaped, and the extra padding looks like it would be comfy for a mask. Before we go any further though, just look at how it works out in reality.

When you're all about that full tub.

Reddit | EyeLurveIPAs

Those bathtub drains have been depriving us of tubs filled to the tippy-top since forever. You can reclaim your bath, and possibly flood your bathroom, with a bit of duct tape.

Christmassy at all costs.

Reddit | bulk_flaberson

You're unlikely to burn your house down using Christmas lights, but if there's any way to do it, it's by rigging up something like this.

String theory.

Reddit | TheOnlyAscend

The person who pulled this off probably figured they were outsmarting the plumbers of the world. Regardless, this will require a plumber eventually.

Seems legit.

Reddit | lolexbolex

What do you do if you have a fire exit but really want it to lock from the outside? If you don't care about safety regulations, you do this.

If it looks stupid and it works...

Reddit | leneay

This is apparently an adequate solution for keeping a broken washer door safely shut. I'd be so nervous about water leaking everywhere.

Security flaw.

Reddit | thekingofmonks

What's the point of having ironclad steel doors if there's still a way in for anyone who's able to shimmy a bit?

Someone hates volume.

Reddit | BySharky

I'm not sure if this is silly or not, because it would absolutely result in the intended consequence. It just seems a little...extreme, y'know?

Mobile home.

Reddit | PlanBWorkedOutOK

You can easily outfit a van to be a home on wheels. When it's time to put some roots down, you can convert said van into a spare room.

Playing with fire.

Reddit | marcassino

I've done this in an outdoor setting, but trying it indoors is just asking for a fire that will consume your whole house.

Pebble Beach.

Reddit | DenverUXer

The world is full of whimsical, creative, and downright unique toilets and bidets. But when it's time to use the washroom, white porcelain is probably best.

Phone home.

Reddit | GoldonPt

This is the conundrum of 2020, isn't it? You need masks to go anywhere, but if you haven't gone anywhere, you don't have masks and as a result can't go anywhere.

Living on the edge.

Reddit | DenverUXer

Those beams look plenty wide and sturdy enough, but I would never in a million years trust myself to get across this thing properly.'s a bench.

Reddit | Pseudotm

This "no sitting" sign looks permanent. It's also located on a bench. You know, the furniture that's explicitly designed to be sat on.

"My parents have goats and they like to lick salt off the cars in the winter."

A free car wash and they save on salt licks, it's a win-win.

"Suspenders hold up pants."

And belts don't go over coats, what about it? He delivers free gifts to kids every year, let him dress how he wants.

"I wonder what it could be???"

I just can't figure it out, and I've been looking for ages. We need a detective on this case right away.

"DIY Level: God."

I mean, it is a pretty sturdy solution at least. Way cheaper than fixing the latch, too.

"Cooktop in a drawer [...]."

I'm equally worried that this looks to be in a bathroom, which isn't the optimal room for cooking.

"New bathroom, money ran out before shower curtain purchase... this is the compromise."

Forget singing in the shower, popping bubble wrap in the shower is the new greatest time waster.

"Stick fix."

Give your kitchen that natural, woodland feel with this easy accent piece.

"This box Amazon chose to ship a single watch battery."

Because it was a battery, the box had to be this big to fit the giant warning sticker on the outside. I bet the battery felt like a king with this box all to itself, though.

Did you know lobsters have teeth in their stomachs?

The clawed crustaceans’ stomachs are located a short distance from their mouths, and food is chewed and ground down there through three molar-like surfaces.

It's definitely a bit of an extreme way to chew one's food.

"This mailbox slot at my school."

The uploader went on to explain this absolute terror of a mailbox: "The person delivering has to walk up the stairs, step on to the side and lean over to open up the mailbox and deliver mail."

Hard mode.

Reddit | ElMariachiLocote

This is a footbridge that looks like it was designed for people to fall off of in the dark. At least the ground looks soft.

"These strange upcycled bird feeders off mercari."

This feels particularly like something I'd see in the backyards of student homes.

No more searching.

Reddit | Arkslippy

Someone at this office decided less functionality was actually more functionality, so they removed the F3 button from each and every keyboard.

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