Quotes About Husbands That Prove The Struggle Is Universal

It's become quite the unfortunate norm for some hubbies to simply believe they can do no wrong, while wives on the other hand are primed and ready to be blamed for...well, just about everything.

From the way dinner turns out to what happened to the tv remote, these quotes embody the universal struggle it is to bear the title of "wifey."

This is for the husbands who are always monitoring their wife's every move.

There's a difference between a concerned husband and one that likes to keep a good eye on your pocket books.

Most wives know the struggle of having a husband keep watch every time she clicks "add to cart."

Here's one for the husbands who rest the best when their wives are the busiest.

There's nothing quite as infuriating as the fact that most husbands can knock out almost instantly, even if the kids are screaming, the kitchen's dirty and there's still work to do.

Almost as if without a care in the world, husbands drift off to sleep while wives clean up multiple disasters.

This quote is for all of the baby husbands with a lot of pride.

This quote is all about how husbands are self-proclaimed manly men until they need help with the seemingly most basic tasks. Then suddenly their wife has to take the wheel and navigate through literally everything for him.

Finally, here's one that screams *double standards.*

Everyone makes mistakes, it seems like it should be a given. Yet, when wives make small errors, it's a whole parade of their mistakes.

For husbands though, the fault never falls on them. After all, everything they break has to be a hunk of junk.

Let us know what you think of these quotes in the comments and if any of all of these quotes resonate with you.

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