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Don't Float Alone, Make A Laundry Basket Pool Floater For Your Pet

Summer is finally here, and it's just about time to lift off that pool cover and jump into some refreshingly chlorinated water. Only, your swimming-incapable dog keeps trying to jump in and join you. (ahem... pugs, I'm looking at you).

Sure, you could probably find a doggy lifejacket to put on your water-loving pet, but what if there were a cheaper, more dignified option?

There is, and it's in your laundry room.

Unsplash | Annie Spratt

Facebook user Corey Schmidt decided that he didn't feel right enjoying the pool all by himself. Faced with the pouting eyes of his little black pug Marvin, Schmidt went rooting through his laundry room looking for a simple floating solution.

All you need is a laundry basket, a pool noodle, and some zip ties.

Corey Schmidt | Facebook

Securing a pool noodle to the outside rim of a laundry basket, Schmidt made a super simple floating platform for Marvin to sit in. Now the two of them can float together in peace, cooling off from the hot summer.

What do you think?

Born with an adorable flat face, Schmidt's pug Marvin can now enjoy swimming without fear of drowning.

What do you think, is it a clever hack? There are definitely a lot of other platform options available to buy online, but for a cost-free immediate solution, it's pretty clever!