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People Online Claim There's No Need To Use A Knife To Prepare A Pineapple

Did you know you've been doing pineapple wrong?

According to TikTok user @athomewithshannon, most of us have not been opening or eating pineapple correctly. I had no idea there was a right or wrong way to slice pineapple, I'm not gonna lie.

However, let's let Shannon teach us something new, shall we?

Apparently, we've all been slicing pineapples wrong.

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Actually, I should rephrase that, because apparently we aren't supposed to be slicing pineapples at all. According to Shannon, we should ditch the knives and do things the old-fashioned way.

First, twist the crown off.

Fun fact: once the crown is off, you can actually plant it and grow yourself a whole new pineapple. You will eventually have infinite pineapples. I'd call that a true lifehack (okay, okay, it's just gardening).

Next, you need to get it loosened up a little.

This part actually looks fun. Shannon hit the pineapple against the counter a few times, almost bouncing it up and down. That would be an amazing way to get your frustration out, in my opinion.

Then, a mildly painful part:

You have to roll it. A LOT. Apply a ton of pressure to get the juices flowing inside the pineapple. This will loosen up the fibers inside enough for the hack to work.

Boom, done.

Apparently, you can then pull at the outside and everything will come off in neat little bite-sized chunks! I haven't tried this hack, but the theory of it seems super handy, right?

So many people did not like it.

I mean, this is a fair point. A knife will do the same job, and in a cleaner fashion. However, have y'all ever tried cutting pineapple? It's hard as heck! Literally!

Some liked it enough to try it.

Unfortunately, it didn't work for most people in the comments who gave it a go. That isn't to say that the hack doesn't work at all — some people did find success with it, but the majority didn't.

I think there's an important piece of information missing from this hack.


And that's the ripeness of the pineapple. If it's not ripe enough, it'll be too stiff and no amount of rolling will loosen it up. It also might help if the pineapple isn't refrigerated beforehand.

So, what do you think?

Is this hack actually legit, or did Shannon and the others just get lucky with their pineapples?

Check out her TikTok below and see the whole hack for yourself!