Granny's Hack Uses A Pringles Can To Slice Watermelon

Fruit hacks are truly the internet's bread and butter. It seems like every DIY and hack channel has a different fruit hack to make eating fruit easier, for some reason. And often, the hacks are just bad.

However, that is not the case here. Why? Because this is a hack from someone's grandma, and you know those are always legit as heck. Let's check it out.

I am being threatened by someone's grandma, but I'm fine with it.

I wish I could tell you this is a bit that this grandma does, and that she has a whole TikTok account of her gently threatening you into learning life skills, but no. This is a random one-off grandma.

So, back to grandma with her knife.

She's going to step back from threatening all of us to using it to slice the top of the watermelon off. Make sure you cut deep enough to leave a Pringles-can sized circumference.

Step 2: the can.

Grab your Pringles can (please wash it first) and start digging it into the watermelon.

Lifehack: Enlist the help of a grandchild if it's to difficult.

Now lift it all out.

Well, that sure is fascinating looking, Grandma. She actually gave an instruction here that was way too NSFW for me to share, but I'm sure you can guess what she was referencing.

Slice it all up.

She's smiling, but trust me when I say this grandma has a wholesome yet threatening aura to her. She'll teach me something, sure, but I will fear her while she does it.


"It makes these cute watermelon circles."

It sure does, Grandma. It sure does.

That's basically the whole hack, people. Shove your watermelon in a tube and then slice it into cute circles.

People were okay with the hack, but they LOVED grandma.

I would call her cute, but I would also call her terrifying. I mean, she did point a knife at us.

Regardless, granny's hack is a good one! A little wasteful, but she's got the spirit.

Someone duetted the video to confirm it totally works, too.

Natalie here followed all of grandma's instructions and landed herself some very cute watermelon circles! So, at least we know the hack works. That's not always the case here on the internet, let's be real.

You can watch the whole TikTok here.

What do you think of this hack? Would you try it? It's pretty hard to resist those little watermelon circles.