DIYer Flips Old Dresser Into Harry Potter Nightstand For Son's Nursery

The Harry Potter story is sort of a phenomenon of the last two decades. Storming the rankings in kids, young adult, and adult fantasy genres, Harry Potter has a massive (and enthusiastic) fanbase. Because of this, we've also seen a lot of crossover into the DIY world.

They themselves fans of the popular story, DIYer Aaron Strange decided a Harry Potter-themed room would be the perfect thing for their son's nursery.

Strange decided to refurbish an old dresser they had in their home.

aaronstrange24 | imgur

Starting with an old painted dresser that had seen better days, Strange decided to attempt something a little out-of-the-ordinary.

Scrubbing the old dresser down and removing the handles, they started the flip by painting the drawers.

They wanted each drawer to look like a suitcase from one of the Harry Potter houses.

aaronstrange24 | imgur

Using the colors associated with each Harry Potter house, Strange decided to make each drawer look like an old fashion suitcase. Adding clasps, mismatching leather handles, and striped embellishments, the drawers were crafted with immaculate care.

And finally the flip was finished!

aaronstrange24 | imgur

Finally complete, Strange didn't skimp on a single detail, even adding seams where the "suitcases" would open. All in all, they did an excellent job. Their son is going to be one happy wizard-loving baby!

What do you think of their old dresser flip? Does it give you ideas for any of your own future upcycles? Let us know in the comments below!