29 People Who Are Real Jerks

There are countless people out there who spend their days doing good things out of the goodness of their good little hearts, and then there are some people who are just jerks through and through!

So, from people who make driving the most stressful activity on the planet to individuals who do awful things with musical instruments, here are 19 people who are real jerks!

"This jerk right here."

Individuals doing this sort of thing to try and stop people damaging their car is incredibly counter-intuitive!

"Bought a $150 cat tree for this to happen."

The amount of time and effort you put into your cat's new toys is inversely proportional to the amount of time they will spend using them.

"Someone decided to park on the side of a no parking street that has fresh wet paint lines."

What would you even do in this situation? Just wait angrily for them to get back I guess?

"AirPods went missing... Turns out my kid buried them in the back yard."

Maybe they were trying to grow an AirPod tree? If it worked then you'd be rolling in it! Doesn't look like it worked though.

"People that cut in line..."

I can feel my blood pressure spiking just by looking at this picture. I need to calm down, I'm off to eat ice cream in a bath.

"Douchebag blocks all the Tesla superchargers."

How tedious a life do you have to have to be this bothered by someone else's vehicle choice?

"Moving day. Looks like drunk me left a note for future self. I've been sober 4.5 years. Man that guy was a jerk."

There's no way that you can leave a message like that on the wall for the next tenant either really!

"I can't see my brother's graduation."

Those poor guys either side of her will be covered in little drips and drabs as well, what a selfish move.

"Getting real tired of irresponsible dog owners..."

People not picking up after their dogs is one of the most annoying things on Earth, after Simon Cowell and the 1975 of course.

"Thanks, I hate it..."

I was kind of on board with it until they got to the bit about the weird games. Some people have very strange hobbies.

"Kids are having fun with friends so a neighbor reported to HOA that they must be running a childcare."

Ah the HOA, an institution that has ruined more people's fun than James Corden, which is no mean feat!

"I hate the Wellness Geese!"

I guess that the thinking was that if the students could endure living with geese then they could endure the stress of an exam no worries!

Who Cut This Cake?!

They have somehow ended up with making it salvageable, but it is still absolutely baffling!

"Amazon delivery..."

I don't know what is worse, that they still left the package here or that the building put this sign up as opposed to actually trying to make the place more secure?

"This building..."

One knowledgeable person added, "This is Royce Hall at UCLA. An homage to San Ambrogio Church in Milan which has a similar design and is symbolic of human imperfection."

"I just bought a brand new $2k HP laptop. Guess where they placed the OFF button."

The person who put that there knew exactly what they were doing, this is downright nefariousness!

"How I know the mother-in-law visited."

It's not like kitchens don't have bins in them! This does my head in more than Iceland not winning this years Eurovision song contest.

"Selfish Parking 101..."

The word "prat" could perhaps be the single most British insult of all time!

"Damaging part of a national landmark in the name of Jesus..."

Yeah nothing screams your love for Jesus and this world quite like defacing an area of natural beauty.

"I don't care for this new marketing campaign by the local windshield glass company..."

Just...why? Why would anyone ever drive along like this and think, "Yep, nothing wrong here, it's everyone beeping me who is wrong!"

"This is what my friend deals with at work."

The parents who let their kids do this to a cinema are really setting a wonderful example aren't they?

You Sure About That?

If you're going to lie when making a sale, then at least make sure that the evidence that you're lying is right in plain sight!

"How my bf opens cereal."

Jesus Christ, what has happened in his life to make him like this? I feel like someone needs to give this guy a hug.

"When people do this."

Yeah, I hate when people do this. I mean, who really wants a frozen clock? It's 100% fresh clock for me or nothing I'm afraid!

"What is he doing...?"

One person did also point out, "This would probably confuse the [expletive] out of self-driving cars," which is an unavoidably hilarious image.

"Protective shield activated!"

At first I thought that someone had simply scribbled a large circle around this car in Sharpie!

"This inconsistent wall clock at my Air BnB."

"Welcome to purgatory, here is your office, it's equipped with a moderately infuriating clock!"

"I hate everything."

There is just no way that this person should be allowed to purchase any music instrument after this.

"No, no, you're fine."

I actually kind of admire this guy in the worst way possible. I mean, he must know that he is being a complete prat but he just doesn't care!