Reddit Thread Sparks People Sharing And Debating Which American Cities Are Ugliest

Every city and town has something to offer. Even if it's only known for being ugly. But hey, people still live in these places, so they can't be all that bad.

A recent thread on Reddit posed a simple question: "What is the ugliest city you have ever visited?". And boy, did people have opinions. Whether you love them or hate them, there's someone out there who thinks each of these cities are ugly.

Victorville, California

Well, it does look pretty old, and old cities tend to have a sort of surreal quality to them. But hey, for as many people out there who think it' the ugliest city in America, there are probably just as many who love it the way it is.

Needles, California

Okay, that graffiti definitely isn't helping this town's appearance. Even without it though, that column's still in rough shape. And those storefronts in the background have definitely seen better days. Still though, there have to be some nice parts of town, right?

Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Factories are, like, inherently ugly. No matter which one, where they're located, or what they manufacture, they're ugly. So having one in the heart of your downtown is like, ten points against you automatically. Sigh... it could've been so much nicer.

Albany, New York

Those towers...sure are there. I've never been to Albany, but it can't be that bad. Sure, there are probably ugly buildings like the ones here, but there are probably plenty of other buildings that are way nicer. Or at least, a little bit nicer.

Barstow, California

As it turns out, there are a lot of ugly cities in California. Again, never been to this state, but it seems like a lot of people in the thread had issues with its cities. I can see why they'd consider this city to be ugly, that's for sure.

Waldo, Florida

Where's Waldo? In Florida, apparently (sorry, I couldn't help myself).

This was another city that people were excitedly discussing in the Reddit thread. That flea market has definitely seen better days. I wonder what other sights are in this city. Then again, based on people's responses, maybe it's better if we never know.

Hollister, California

This city is giving me "old" more so than "ugly." But I guess that some people really, really hate the was small old towns look.

They're not my favorite, but I don't really think they're that bad. Still, it made it to the Reddit thread.

Rockford, Illinois

The cloudy, murky weather in this picture really isn't helping the town's case. It has some charm, at least. But streets lined with old, boring store fronts probably don't make for the nicest cities. Still though, I'm sure plenty of people love living there.

Ellisville, Mississippi

This is the town where that show, "Home Town" is set. General consensus (at least in the thread) is that the city proper isn't as nice in person as it appears in the show. At least the houses look pretty good?

Superior, Wisconsin

Another "dated, small town with strange architecture" entry. Some people think the way old buildings look is charming, while others can't see anything other than a lot of ugliness. Is this actually an ugly little town? Who's to say?

Blythe, California

This probably isn't what the whole city looks like. But sights like this are basically what put cities on my Places I Never Want To Visit list. Hopefully there are other, nicer parts of the city that still make it worth visiting, if you ever feel so inclined.

Holdenville, Oklahoma

People seemed pretty heated about this particular city in Oklahoma. I won't lie, judging by the image, it doesn't look like the nicest city out there, but it probably isn't the worst. It's kind of like, a really "meh" city. Somewhere between pretty nice, and pretty tragic.

Stockton, California

In terms of American cities that people were buzzing about on Reddit, California came up again and again. I definitely see why people would want to add Stockton to their list. On the plus side, though, that mural is actually quite nice.

Youngstown, Ohio

Well, that's one city skyline. Apparently, as far as Ohio cities go, this one is the ugliest. Or at least, that's what Reddit seemed to think. And if I'm being completely honest, I absolutely see where they're coming from. Maybe it looks a little better up close?

Gary, Indiana

This city is known for two things. For starters, it's the birth place of the Jackson Five, which is actually really cool. Unfortunately, the other thing this city is known for is being really ugly. People had very strong opinions on this particular town.

Bakersfield, California

One city was mentioned time and time again by the people of this Reddit thread: Bakersfield, California. There are just, so many people who decided that, out of all the cities out there in America, this one is the ugliest. I almost feel bad for it (yes, I mean the city).

Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Apparently, this city isn't just ugly, it's also kind of sad. Lots of old, abandoned buildings and poor infrastructure. At one point it may have been a nice place to live, but now it's just, well, that. Not a fun place to visit, that's for sure.

Aberdeen, Washington

A town like Aberdeen, Washington is the exact opposite of a tourist trap. It's the kind of city you drive by and decide not to stop in. Or at least, that's how Reddit users were framing it. It's, just, not nice. At all.