Man Feels Conflicted After Making Wife Choose Between Him And Her Best Friend

For those who describe themselves as "people pleasers," there's no greater nightmare than a situation where it seems like they have to hurt one person to support another.

By that, I mean that one of the many ways that life can be unfair is that it's not uncommon for it to put two very important events at the same time and miles away from each other.

You have to pick one, but you know that no matter which one you choose, someone will be severely disappointed.

It's almost never a situation with an easy answer and that became exemplified in how split people were after one husband shared his recent dilemma.

When the man posted his story to Reddit, he began by explaining that he was about to have lung surgery to address a long-term respiratory condition.

He was also sure to mention that through all of the challenges this has brought him, his wife has supportive and accommodating every step of the way.

As he put it, "She has endured so much by shouldering this burden with me and I can never describe how supportive she's been with everything that has been going on with me."

Unfortunately, due to a last-minute change in schedule, it appears that this surgery will now take place at the same time as her best friend's wedding.


Since this wedding takes place in the groom's hometown, it's eight hours away and the wife has her heart set on going.

To this, the husband said that he needed her to be there during his surgery. And when she asked if he could get a friend as his support while the wedding went on, he was puzzled.

This led the husband to ask her whether her friend's wedding was more important than his health.

She then argued that there was nothing wrong with her attending this wedding and he would be well-cared for by the medical team. She also stated that by not budging on this dilemma, the husband was making her choose between her husband and her best friend.

As he said, "I told her she was being unreasonable and I never expected her to prioritize a wedding over my health. She loudly yelled 'what do you want me to do?, I might lose my friend over this' then stopped talking to me."

While he said he felt he handled this badly and acted ungratefully, he also didn't feel like she was appreciating the difference between and emergency surgery and a wedding. He also thought the friend would understand why she couldn't go.

And it seems this situation was as sticky for Reddit as it was for him because the community was split on who was in the right here.

For some, it was baffling as to why the wife wouldn't be there for the surgery. They also felt that if the wife would truly lose a friend for prioritizing an emergency surgery over a wedding, that says more about the friend than either of them.

In the words of one commenter, "In sickness and in health does not have a temporary suspension due to BFF’s wedding clause."

But while few were willing to go as far as to say the husband was in the wrong, they also thought he may not be appreciating his wife's perspective.

Namely, the fact that she had been so supportive up to this point led them to suspect she was experiencing caregiver fatigue.

As one user said, "Has she had to give up other things to care for you? Spending time with friends, going on trips, etc.? If so, she might be feeling a little burnt out and like she really needs to do something for herself, and if that’s so, I think if you at least try to arrange to have someone else to support you for your surgery that will go a long way.

"For a lot of caregivers, the constant stress of having to put their own needs second can be really really draining."

Although it's unclear how this situation resolved, the husband replied that he had never considered this phenomenon during the argument.

What do you think of his dilemma? Let us know in the comments!

h/t: Reddit | username46799

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