15+ Problems That Actually Might End Up Becoming Our Nightmares

Seeing others' problems can make us feel a bit better about our own. Put our lives into perspective, allow us to step back and go, "Well, things could always be worse."

But sometimes, we see a problem someone has and worry that it might end up becoming our nightmare. There's no need to fear, though, for after seeing these pics, you'll be a lot more aware to keep them from happening!

"See those eggs? They are supposed to be in the pies. I made two hot oily chocolate garbage circles."

People who bake are essentially chemists with how many reactions and precise measurements they need. Too much or too little of any one thing can cause a disaster.

"I just found a shard of glass in my favorite Yerba Mate flavor. Hope I didn't swallow any..."

What you're neglecting to share is that your favorite Yerba Mate flavor is glass.

"What's the worst thing to find after you took the last batch of cookies out? The real cinnamon."

Saying 'real' cinnamon as if cumin is fake cinnamon is an interesting choice. Like it tricked you into using it.

"Wife put out the patio plants this weekend..."

Good thing house plants are definitely not super finicky and sensitive. They don't shrivel up at the slightest sign of stress, no way.

(I'm sorry for your plant loss.)

"GF was so proud of herself for buying raw doors, cutting in the hinges and drilling the knob hole. I was the bearer of bad news that she did it upside down."

I'm home improvement illiterate and could not tell this was upside down. I think you could have left it.

"No cookies tonight!"

Aw, don't say that! It's time to roll up those sleeves and work those forearms, it's kneading time!

"I just dropped my debit card in that crack and it’s my only form of money. They had to take apart the self checkout machine."

I will now hold my card with no less than a vice grip when at self-checkout machines. This is definitely a new fear.

"Apparently there was a broken wine bottle in our garbage, now it looks like I committed a murder."

If only you'd done this in October, it would have been some effortless Halloween decor!

"We suck at puzzles."

Is this the adult version of 'my dog ate my homework?' Do more or less people believe it now?

"Turned on the garbage disposal to flush out all the standing water in my sink while doing dishes, and turns out the jar floating around in there just happened to be the exact same size as my drain."

I'm going to give you two words that'll solve this situation: suction cup. Or magnets. Three words.

"Accidentally leaving 8 writing pens in the dryer."

A pen or two is understandable, things happen, but eight? How did eight pens end up in your laundry?

"Today I walked out to my car to find that a box of fish guts & seafood waste fell off the back of the truck while in transit and absolutely annihilated my car."

Of all the non-damaging things for your car to be covered in, you somehow got the worst option.

"Sunlight through the window melted the keyboard."

Is your window a giant magnifying glass, or is the sun there just 50 times more powerful?

"I went to go to work this morning only to find the roof collapsed on my car."

An emotionally painful reason to need to call out, but at least you have a day off work now!

"Went for a hike, it was 60 degrees with snow on the mountains. I fell through the ice/snow every 5 steps and turned around not even halfway through. Got home and realized I also got absolutely burnt as well."

This is why I refuse to hike, it's just too dangerous. Not because I'm out of shape or anything. No way.

"My mom thought the big utility room in her new house would be a good place to kennel her Rottweiler while she was out. Unfortunately he forcefully disagreed with this [...]."

I'm no expert, but I think your mom's dog might have some separation issues. Or she left him with a battering ram as a toy.

"Water leaked into the work freezer overnight and encased my chimichangas."

They're not lost yet, get yourself an icepick and dig them out!

"Lady changed her kids diaper and then threw it on the seat next to me."

This is probably a pattern of behavior for her, but if this happened to me, I wouldn't be able to shake the feeling that it was pointed.

"My cat knocked the glass soap dispenser into the sink..."

That's either some very, very weak porcelain or some incredibly strong glass.

"Shout out to the baker missing their nail."

To make this image even worse, the uploader went on to explain how they found the nail, "Worst part is I chewed on it twice thinking it was a clove of garlic because it’s a garlic and rosemary sourdough before I made the horrific [realization] it was a finger nail."

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