If Food Motivates Your Creativity Try Wrapping Your Art Tools In A Pita-Case

If you're like me, keeping all of your art supplies organized largely consists of a giant box full of markers, pencils, and pens. After the hundredth time rooting through a bottomless Mary Poppins box looking for an eraser, there comes a time when you've got to say "there must be a better way".

...Turns out that "way" may be a burrito.

If food already motivates your creativity, why not mash the two together in a pita pencil case? Solving both your organizational issues and reminding you of the tasty snack you'll get if you accomplish something creative, the pita pencil case has got you covered.

You can buy your "pita-case" on Amazon from a variety of sellers.

Available on Amazon by a surprising number of sellers, the pita pencil case has room for all your favorite art tools, all wrapped up in a yummy burrito.

With a segmented elastic (or sometimes leather) band running down the middle, the pencil case has room for 9+ different art utensils, a veritable "go bag" for all your artistic adventures.

What do you think, are you hungry yet?

Sealing shut with a velcro strap, the pita-case keeps your supplies cozy and organized in your bag or purse, ready to be unveiled when you reach your destination.

What do you think, is this strangely creative invention to your liking? Are you ready to bite into the not-quite-edible design? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!