Women Are Sharing The Moments They Decided To Leave A Date Before The Night Was Over

Everyone has had a moment in their life when they're on a date and they stop and think, "Why am I even here?" Bad dates are a right of passage when you're playing the field. Everyone has had at least one bad date at least once in their life, with some having multiple experiences. But, there are some bad date stories that are too good not to share.

This blind date gone so, so wrong.

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"We we're like 15 minutes into our date when he said (in exactly this order) that he likes to, '... lick feet and if this is going to be serious you really need to lose weight'.

I wanted to leave the date as soon as he said that when he suddenly demanded that I drive him home because he didn't have a car and used the train to get there. I told him that my car wouldn't be able to move with two fatties in it and drove home," bincsi182 said.

Someone made a huge mistake.

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"He texted me from the bathroom 'sorry babe, I’m still stuck at work but I’ll be home ASAP'... obviously for his girlfriend. I was gone before he got back to the table," said mediumsizedbootyjudy.

That's awfully forward for a first date.

"When the waitress came he ordered a bottle of wine and a Manhattan. I ordered a tonic with a lime wedge. He told the waitress not to bring my drink because he ordered the wine for both of us. I told her 'I don't drink, please bring what I ordered.' He sat back and expelled air through his nose. I was turned off but figured maybe he forgot, so I politely reminded him.

When the drinks came, he poured a splash of his Manhattan into my alcohol-free drink with a smirk and told me to 'lighten up.' I put $10 on the table, grabbed my coat and purse, and left while he begged me 'don't do this to me...it was a joke.'"

How are these kind of people real?

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"I met someone, we talked a while, we decided to go on a date. The server came and I ordered, and he said, 'Don't order that. You'll get fat.' I stood up and left without saying a word," added mrstrust.

This guy truly came with a special guest.

"He at age 20, brought his mother along," said Shot-Message-6030.

I mean... I've heard of bad dates, but I've never heard of someone showing up to a date with their own mother. That's a bit much for me, I would have left, too.

Some things are too scary.

"Roofies. I got up to go to the bathroom mid-(first) drink on a first date in a casual bar I’m familiar with close to my apartment at the time. Date was fine, nor great, but not terrible. When I got back, he told me to 'finish my drink and order us another round' while he went to the restroom. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but had a couple sips of my beer and motioned to the bartender to order another round.

Bartender then gives me a glass of water and tells me I should leave. When I asked why, he said a girl nearby just approached him and told him she saw my date put something into my beer.

I totally panicked. I handed him a $20 (which he didn’t want to take but I was so freaked out) and left. I barely remember anything after that. It was 3/4 of a beer at most.

I blocked the guy the next day when I woke up to 17 missed calls and about 40 texts asking why I felt the need to leave when “We were totally vibing," CHRGON_FEF_NYC said.

No one messes with our dads.

"I went out with a guy once and things went really well. afterward, we were sitting in my car talking and I mentioned that my dad was gay. he told me that I 'should’ve disowned him'. I told him to get the f**** out of my car and never speak to me again," said nopenonotatall.

Argumentative AND with his mother? Pass.

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"Arguing with his mom on speaker in the car on the way to the restaurant almost made me call off the date... Answering the phone on speaker and, again, arguing with his mom on speaker while in the restaurant was what finally made me walk out. I was horrified," added CreepyCalico.

Well, that took a turn.

"On a first date after going to the movies he brought me back to his place and asked if I wanted to watch him inject steroids into his ass. That's a hard pass from me but thanks for the offer, weirdo...," shared i_beefed_myself.

That's a no from me, sir.

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"Went on a brief date with a guy I met at work. It went ok until he told me that he has a demon that lives on his shoulder, and if he can picture someone's face perfectly in his head after they meet, it meant they were evil. He said he could sorta remember mine.. I said I had to go, but he asked for a ride home.

When we got to his house I dodged a kiss, and he still had the balls to look me in the eye, put a hand on my leg, and said we should have sex. It felt like he was trying to f****** hypnotize me. Dodged those calls for a while," CeladonToast added.


"Met a guy online who seemed nice so we met up at a restaurant. We greeted one another and he asked if I recognized his jacket. Confused, I said, 'No, should I?' He said, 'It’s [guy who abused my best friend and was in prison for RUNNING HER OVER WITH A CAR.]’s jacket.'

My blood went absolutely cold. Turns out he recognized me from my besties social media and didn’t see it necessary to tell me beforehand. I said, 'You know he’s in jail for running over my best friend?' And he said, 'Yeah, I’ve heard her side of it.'

Let me tell you this man was SHOCKED when I told him this was way too much and I was leaving. He tried to guilt me and said I should be happy he was 'honest' with me and why should the little case of who ran over who stand in the way of our date?

Obviously, I left and immediately called my bestie who proceeded to laugh her ass off and told me this guy was a real jerk (gee I couldn’t tell) and constantly hit on her and cheated on his girlfriend when she was with her ex. I took a sabbatical from dating after that," said Jilltro.

What kind of joke is that?

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"I left a date after he dumped his full beer over my head as 'a joke.' I didn’t leave the bar, because I was already out, looking cute (before he dumped his beer on me) and DTF.

So I went solo for the rest of the night and wound up having mine with a different guy who was better looking than him anyways," shared supersarah1010.

Too soon?

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"15 minutes in he asked if I could see myself marrying him and having his kids. I said no, he finished his drink, I left the rest of mine, we said goodbye... and then ended up walking to the same car park together. Now I always make sure to loiter in the toilets after saying goodbye to avoid that," shared elgrn1.

But, some things end well.

"A panic attack. It was a month after my dad died, and it suddenly hit me that I shouldn't be dating. I said I was going to the bathroom, ran to my car, and left. I messaged him and apologized, and he was super nice and understanding. And anyway we're still together now," Sensitiverock85 shared.

How sweet!

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