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Man Travels Hours For First Date, Gets Stood Up And Shares Heartbreak On Video

Summer is here and doors are opening, meaning love is truly fit to be in the air. Many will be giving the dating game a shot this upcoming season, and while some will find love blossoming, others aren't so lucky.

One TikTok user shared his journey to what he thought was going to be a lovely first date, only to be stood up, his heartbreak going viral afterwards.

With many parts of the world opening back up again, there are those taking this opportunity to jump back into the dating scene.

That's what TikTok user @craig.moffat decided, having scheduled a first date with a girl he met online after being single for two years.

He chronicled the journey in a video he posted, documenting it from start to finish.

The commute was quite lengthy, as he had to travel from Edinburgh to Aberdeen by train, which takes a few hours.

Still, he seemed hopeful all the way through, anticipating a lovely night ahead. "I can't wait! I'm so excited," read one of the clip's captions.

He was 20 minutes early, so he got himself seated and waited for his date to arrive.

He noticed first that his date wasn't on time. So he kept waiting, far past the acceptable time frame for her to show up late, and realized he was in the process of being stood up.

He didn't make the entire trip a waste, ordering himself some food and drinks, but it's clear he was still disheartened.

"I guess I'll just head home..." he wrote after leaving the restaurant, "I was really looking forward to tonight."

He also captioned the post with, "Maybe it’s not time to get back out there just yet…"

Luckily, the world had his back. The comments were filled with love and support for him.

"Dude— I know you were excited but you've dodged someone that would have made you really unhappy in the end. You deserve better [..]," wrote one user, echoing much of the sentiment in the comment section.

Changing the perspective, another user wrote, "You took yourself on a date! That's the only one who truly deserves you."

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