Viral Audio Illusion Is Wild Enough To Put 'Yanni' And 'Laurel' To Shame

Every now and then, something small will come along that the internet manages to turn into a big deal just by passionately disagreeing on what they're seeing or hearing.

We'll try to avoid reviving any old arguments about whether a certain dress is black and blue or white and gold, but in the years since that garment first cursed our screens, we've learned that it's just as easy for our ears to fool us as our eyes.

Although the most famous example of this is the whole "Yanni" and "Laurel" conundrum, others have appeared in which it seems similarly impossible to tell what the real answer is supposed to be.

And while that's not really the case with today's illusion for reasons we'll get into, it is genuinely staggering how many utterly bizarre things we can hear in it.

Although it's unclear where this illusion originated, you won't have to comb through your social media platform of choice for long before you see this young man standing next to some strange phrases.

But of course, the most important part of the clip is the audio, which appears to feature a British-accented crowd chanting...something to the tune of the opera classic, "Rigoletto La Dona."

You might be looking at this and wondering how "Bart Simpson bouncing" could possibly sound anything like "lobsters in motion."

Nonetheless, it seems that the person in the Guns N' Roses shirt asked around and found out what a wide variety of people heard in the clip because they all match up pretty well.

But of course, your mileage may vary on which ones stand out the most for you.

Here's the clip in full so you can decide what it sounds like for yourself.

That said, if your experience is anything like mine, you should be able to hear all of them when you focus on each phrase shown.

So I suppose the ultimate test is which one you hear when you close your eyes.

But unlike many of these auditory illusions, there is a likely right answer among those phrases.

Although it's hardly the most interesting one in the bunch, we're probably hearing the crowd say, "That is embarrassing."

And our biggest clue on that involves both the number of people chanting it and their accents.

That's because it sounds like it's taken from a soccer game where fans were either jeering a player for scoring on their own goal or messing up in some other embarrassing way.

Still, it's pretty wild how quickly a simple message can turn into a bizarre game of Telephone.