14+ People Who Are Probably Cursed

I bet you think that you've seen it all and that there's nothing left out there in the world to take you by surprise. Well, the world is constantly full of things that can shock and amaze you. For instance, did you know that some people actually like Burger King, and that there are some people out there who still like listening to Morrissey?

Well, if you're looking for more things to baffle, confuse, and generally amuse, then you need look no further than these 18+ things that shouldn't have happened... but did! *Queue hammer horror shocking sound effects

"This cracked glass viewing window at the zoo."

Reddit | TheSplashFamily

Hmmm, I'm not sure if I'd want to take that risk. I mean, if the choice is putting my faith in the cracked glass over a bear, or just leaving... I think I'm going to leave the zoo.

I'll Do It When Pigs Fly... Oh, Wait...

Reddit | Odin343

I only just got round to watching Porco Rosso the other night after it got put on Netflix. I didn't realize it was a true story?!

"I live in a town where I have been waiting for this to happen for almost 24 years...Today, it finally happened!"

Reddit | kamehamehameow

How would you get out of this situation? One particularly ingenious person suggested letting all of the air out of the tyres and slipping it out.

"Girlfriend asked me to throw away the box and packaging stuffs from our new bed frame before leaving for work, I did her one better."

Reddit | yellowcakecone

Considering they put this together all before leaving work, that is some incredibly impressive work! They should leave their current job and start making cardboard Star Wars accessories full time!

"Shouldn't have taken a nap there."

Reddit | Ollvoj

I'd just be waiting for Samuel L. Jackson to burst out of the cockpit and say, "I have had it with these motherf**king snakes on this motherf*cking plane."

"Got a text from a co-worker saying she was going to be late to work... Ran over a PB&J sandwich."

Reddit | knighter50

There would be no way that I would have believed that excuse without a picture. Who on Earth just leaves a PB&J sandwich lying on the floor? They should make that a new weapon on Mario Kart.

I Cannot Believe This Actually Happened!

Reddit | MissReb

Imagine actually having to explain to your insurance company that you drove into a drawing of a road on a wall. Just for a second, imagine having to actually admit to that. Unbelievable.

"At my local KFC..."

Reddit | Mister_Johnson_

What are the odds that all of the staff would wake up and think, "You know what, I'll pull a sicky today, I haven't done it before and they've got loads of staff on today!" at the same time?

"My ice maker works. So I got that goin for me which is ice."

Reddit | end0fline

Just kick the ice that has fallen out under the fridge as a normal person would. Also, if there's ever an excuse to make loads of cocktails, this is it.

"Well, you shouldn't have bothered."

Reddit | OdiseoX2

Do the people who designed this ramp know how gravity works? Call me a pedant but knowing how gravity works is a pretty important factor when building structures.

"How to make me spend $60 ft. my dog."

Reddit | silvurbullet

"I'm not going to let you back into the car until you promise we can go to the park."

"But we've just been to the park!"

"... I can wait all day John."

"These tumbleweeds that piled up in front of my brother's house."

Reddit | kevincennis

Wow, your brother is either living in a western, or is telling far too many terrible jokes! I can sympathize with the latter.

"A storm literally picked up and moved this road."

Reddit | Craigrets

Satnavs must have an absolute nightmare on this road now! It also looks like on Looney Tunes when they'd bend the roads to send each other into traps.

"This is what happens when the weather computer fails during my local news."

Reddit | TheBeerKnight

I for one, think that the cohost did a fantastic job! I mean, he literally messed up on the very first drawing of a sun but he's trying his best dammit!

"To everyone at work that has been eating my jellybeans..now the fun begins."

Reddit | slimjimi09

If people are prepared to steal other people's snacks, then they have to accept all of the dangers that come with that!

"I wonder what happened to the sausage..."

Reddit | Salegosse

That cat must have paws made of asbestos! Although, cats are capable of incredible things when it comes to stealing food.

"My toothpaste came out looking like a nose."

Reddit | shefearsoblivion

Look, it's obvious and terrible, but let's get it out the way okay, then we can all move on with our lives... "Wow, it looks like their breath is really going to smell now!

"Subway sure doesn't mess around with their puns..."

Reddit | Vmoney1337

Whoever put this sign up should be banned from doing so again in the future. That "olive" pun is particularly atrocious!

"Donated plasma and they messed up the needle stick. The return blood went into my arm instead of back into the vein. I'm actually surprised how much it hurts."

Reddit | sperko818

I know that your blood is supposed to be on the inside of your body, but not like that! What do you even do in this situation? Just leave it?

"My statue of Zeus broke and now he looks like he’s throwing someone a roll of toilet paper."

Reddit | unsociali

What started as a simple broken statue has just become the greatest bathroom decoration of all time.

"This kid hit his bike against a car. In Taiwan, any traffic accident requires a breathalyzer test."

Reddit | ProBlorger

His results showed that he was over the limit on cough mixture and fizzy strawberry laces, a potent combo.

"This place charged me $2.25 just out of spite."

Reddit | WesleySnopes

That's what you get for asking for your food to be "very spicy". Never make the chefs do extra work you fool!

"The way my plate broke in almost even pieces."

Reddit | mmay_a

It almost seems like a shame to throw this plate away after this has happened! There has to be a use you could find for these little triangle plates.

"This rusty lock gate looking like a painting."

Reddit | rOlFmaIeR

Good to know that a rotting lock is a more talented artist than I am. I could never create something that amazing on purpose, never mind by accident.

"An insect got stuck between the printer and the pillowcase."


How does it make you feel, knowing that every night you lay your head down to rest you are lying upon the death site of an innocent insect? I don't know how you sleep at night... probably quite comfortably though, those look like quite nice sheets.

"Good job, guys."

Reddit | [Deleted]

Ah, what a way to honor a hero. What shall they do next? Dig up the plaque? Or maybe they should just pave over the whole area and make it into a car park?

"My orange had a little mini orange growing inside of it."

Reddit | _Ineption

One person in the comments actually had this little fact to share: "All navel oranges come from trees grown from cuttings from one orange tree that had a developmental abnormality where a second little orange started to grow at the bottom of each orange, pushing out the skin and making them easy to peel."

So, there you go, now you have a little more useless knowledge in your noggin.

"Yes, a helicopter destroyed my windscreen!"

Reddit | kraven420

As far as fender benders go, this one is pretty serious! That helicopter had the whole sky to be flying in, and still managed to crash into a parked car!

Captured Right Before Disaster.

Reddit | Esstien

That innocent look on his face, the joyful smile, what a peaceful moment this must have been before tragedy struck.

"Just unfortunate."

Reddit | j0be

Yikes, were fortune cookies always this mean? I guess it did its job, it just decided to do so in the most brutal way possible.

"Too many samples."

Reddit | kidhiro

Every once in a while I'm reminded that Costco sells the gigantic, 50-pound teddy bears. If they're that big they better come with some extra features like home security and defense.

"Well done guys!"

Reddit | Mr-losef

Their porch repair is pretty top-notch, but their chimney repair is another story.

Also I know it's just an accident but the thought of them advertising their terrible chimney repair services is gold to me.



He looks so stoked to be getting a haircut. He also looks like he's wearing some sort of high fashion fur jumpsuit. Did this dog predict the potential future of fashion?

"We have unknowingly been using our light fixture as a fruit bowl in our new apartment."

Reddit | Onceagainhuman

Hey, you've been living like this for this long, and it pretty much is a free fruit bowl. This is just extra cost prevention, innovative and thrifty.

"My co-worker's unfortunate name tag."

Reddit | Orgasmical

Do you think any one of the managers working at that store saw the nametag printed and realized what it said, but gave it to her anyway? Because that's cruel. Who needs their last initial on a name tag?

Only The Essentials.

Reddit | merrell0

This photo is from flooding in Pennsylvania last year where many counties were fully cut off from supplies. Everyone has their basic needs, though, it's hard to get by without them.

"We collide!"

Reddit | Radish00

I'm curious as to where that top dog came from. With that pose, it looks like he jumped off a ledge, but I guess he just threw himself onto his friend there. Because that makes more sense, somehow.

"Cursed avocado!"

Reddit | WillyH3rd

If you think I wouldn't be bringing this back to the grocery store and asking for a replacement avocado...you'd be right. I'd still be pretty bummed though.

We Gave You A Sign!

Reddit | tylerscott5

Like, a literal sign! And you still ran right into it. No one to blame but yourself at this point, both for speeding and for not being able to read.

"Setting up a new fish tank and came back to find my cat inside it."

Reddit | NettyJ

He looks so perplexed, like he wasn't the one who put himself in there. "Wait...what am I doing in this box...you, human! Surely this is your fault! Get me out of here immediately!"

"The unfortunate consequences of playing guitar properly with no bra and a huge chest."

Reddit | rogue_inventor

She's probably mentally cursing her parents out for getting her guitar lessons as a kid. "If they got me a piano I wouldn't be having this problem."

"He drops his ball in front of the lawn mower so I have to pick it up and throw it."

Reddit | pikacusjrbackup

Now that's a mastermind. Able to recognize what work and chores are, but choosing to interrupt them anyway because playtime is way more important.

"This shoe was left in the window for 2 months & it shrunk."

Reddit | beaverkc

They should try putting it in rice, I've heard that solves anything. Either that or they should try shrinking the other one and selling them online as a kids pair.

"Foiled again!"

Reddit | shmick019

It's the 'again' on the windshield that's really making this tragic. Foilbomb me once, shame on me. Foilbomb me twice, shame on you. Like, really, shame on you, why do the same prank twice?

"Shouldn't have wound the windows down."

Reddit | ItsaMeMattio

Well, I mean, the sign did warn them! Also, who leaves their windows down when leaving their car to go shopping in the first place?