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Woman Transforms Thrift Store Dresser Into Colorful Reading Chair On A Budget

Having extra storage in your home (especially if it's on the smaller side) is a great way to keep your space tidy and clutter-free. But sometimes, finding dual-functioning furniture can be a bit of a scavenger hunt. So why not make your own?

Thrift stores and flea markets (or even garage sales and curbside pick-ups) are great resources for finding upcycle-worthy furniture on a budget.

She found the old nightstand at a thrift store for only $15.

quinnfiredesign | quinnfiredesign

Happening upon a beautiful (if worn) nightstand at a thrift store, practiced DIYer Quinn Fire Design writes on her blog that she "started with this little nightstand [she got] for $15."

Knowing she needed a comfy chair for her living room with storage potential, Quin Fire saw the nightstand, not as a dresser, but for its wonderful upcycle potential.

She removed the top and used it as a chair backing.

quinnfiredesign | quinnfiredesign

Removing the screws from the top of the dresser, Quinn Fire hammered off the top of the dresser, the top drawer, and the trim.

Making use of the removed dresser top, she then took measurements and trimmed it down to function as the new chair backing.

After making the new chair structure, she painted over the old wood.

quinnfiredesign | quinnfiredesign

Also making use of the old dresser's trim, she reglued the edging to the exterior of the armrests, giving the construction a "fancier" feel.

Next, after sanding down the surface, Quinn Fire painted the whole thing vibrant teal, (apart from the drawer bottoms), then allowed the chair to dry.

She then made matching seat cushions for the chair and footrest.

quinnfiredesign | quinnfiredesign

Cutting up foam and selecting her desired fabric, Quinn Fire made matching seat cushions for the chair and stool. After screwing the cushions in, she moved on to the finishing touches; adding legs to the stool and spraypainting the handles to give them a more modern appearance.

After adding a few finishing touches, the upcycle was complete.

quinnfiredesign | quinnfiredesign

Then she was done! Upcycle complete, the DIY is a fully functioning chair/storage unit.

What do you think of Quinn Fire Designs' chair transformation? Do you have thoughts on her process? Let us know in the comments below!