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Family Drama Begins After Woman Demands $100 Baby Shower Gift From Struggling Cousin

We've heard about bridezillas. This is when a bride gets so obsessive with wedding planning that she becomes intolerable to be around.

But what about expecting mothers who demand over-the-top items for their baby shower? While there's no name for that, there are plenty of stories.

Here, one Reddit user shares the family drama that brewed when her cousin demanded a $100 gift.

One Reddit user might swear off baby showers forever after a recent experience.

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Her story on the Reddit channel AITA (Am I The [Expletive]) started with her explaining that her older cousin, Beth, is currently pregnant with her second child.

While she's happy for her, she specified that they have never been close.

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Since she loves to sew, she makes baby blankets for expecting friends and family.

Which, if you ask me is a super sweet and thoughtful gift to give to someone.

She wrote:

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"I feel like it is a nice personalized gift that you can't get anywhere else, and I always make sure to get soft, high quality material to ensure it is both safe and comfortable," she explained.

She said that everyone she's given the blanket to has always loved it — including Beth's first child.

"Whenever I go to visit, he always was carrying it around." She's also never received any complaints about the craftmanship.

The Redditor shared that she recently received an email from Beth, reminding guests about the upcoming baby shower.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it's a drive-by one. There is also a gift registration for guests to sign off on.


But when the Redditor looked through the registry, they were shocked to see how expensive everything was!

"I understand that baby supplies can be pricey, but the cheapest thing on the registration is a stuffed rabbit costing $25."

There were some weird items on there, too, such as nipple cream and pajamas for Beth instead of the baby.

Since she's a broke university student, she can't afford to purchase those items. So she texted Beth with her plans to make a personalized baby blanket to match the nursery.

The response she got back wasn't expected.

Her cousin told her that she had to pick something from the registry or purchase a gift card from Babies 'r' Us with a minimum amount of $100.

Things really got heated when the Redditor asked her cousin why she couldn't give a blanket.

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"She stated that because it was homemade it looked 'tacky' and it made her look cheap for not having a tag attached to it."


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Understandably upset, the Redditor replied, letting her know that she, "under no circumstances, will be applying to her gift registration, and now she can kiss the baby blanket goodbye."

"Beth became upset stating that I was a cheapskate and was depriving her unborn baby of needed supplies," she shared.

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After a few days of silence, she came back and said that she will take the blanket. But the Redditor said no (she's since decided to make the blanket). She's also not attending the baby shower.

"Now I have cousins and aunts flooding my phone with complaints on how I am a bad person. My parents are on my side, however," she concluded.

Most of Reddit is on her side, too! "That's a baby shower you can skip without guilt. I don't know many people who can drop $100 on a present. And it's a shower...not a VIP lounge, " one wrote.

Many pointed out how baby blankets are the best gifts.


"My husband was given a crochet baby blanket when he was born, and he still sleeps with it on his feet."

How adorable is that? I'll be thinking about that all day.

"He loves that thing, and crochet gifts are truly made with love,"

Which is very sweet. It was also noted that handmade gifts are wonderful.

Some said that the Redditor came off as judgy and defended the mom's right to ask for nipple cream.

The original poster has since clarified that her cousin asked for very expensive, vegan nipple cream.

Despite some criticism, she was branded as the person in the right in the end.

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