Dad Says It's 'Inappropriate' For Him To Buy His Daughter Period Products

In every girl's life, they will eventually reach the age of "womanhood" where they begin to get their period once a month. For young girls, it can be an anxiety-filled time. Many parents look to support and nurture their daughters, helping them buy products and talk to them about their changing bodies.

Many parents also help their daughters get prepared.

Moms usually take the initiative to help with the "period stuff."

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Moms are usually the ones who step up to help with the period things, such as teaching their daughters how to use products and buying the products for them.

However, dads happen to step up a lot to help and make sure their kids are okay.

When there is an emergency, most parents drop everything for their kids.

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When your kids need you, most parents know that it's a non-issue and they will step up to be there for them, no matter what the reason.

Sometimes, some events may leave parents in "an uncomfortable situation," but, most parents step up either way.

One dad has been in hot water with his wife after he refused to help his daughter out.

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The wife wrote into Reddit seeking advice after her husband totally dropped the ball with their 13-year-old daughter who needed help when she got her period for the very first time.

The wife was pretty much furious that her husband dropped the ball on this one.

Their daughter got her period at school for the first time and was totally unprepared.

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"This week, our daughter got her period for the first time. Unfortunately she was at school and bled through her pants. The school called me first but I had to work from the office that day so I told them to call my husband who has been working from home," the wife said.

She told her husband to take their daughter to the store to buy materials, like pads and tampons.

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However, the father refused to do so.

"He says he can’t do that because, he’s her father. Just dumbfounded by what he was saying, I asked him what that even meant. He said that because he is a our daughters father, it’s inappropriate for him to have any dealings with sexual things," she continued.

The father still refused to do so, so their son had to step up to help his sister.

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"I was very upset and told him he was being ridiculous and he needed to take care of our daughter. He refused. He just wouldn’t go and I couldn’t get off of work.

Luckily about an hour later, our son got out of school so I told him to take her to the store and buy every flow size of tampon for her," she said.

However, the father was "upset" that she made their son do this at all.

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"When I got home we argued back and forth about this. He said it was wrong for me to make his son do that abs that it was inappropriate.

I told him that what he was saying was misogynistic and gross and that he needed to father his daughter even about periods. He refused to listen and wants to keep acting immature," the wife concluded.

She asked Reddit for advice and "how to get through" to her husband on this.

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Many people said that this father needs to reassess the way he looks at periods entirely.

"Buying your young teen the hygiene products she needs for her cycle is no more sexual than buying your infant daughter diapers. Is it weird to buy her soap and shampoo she uses while naked in the shower? Is it strange to get her socks and underwear? No. It’s part of parenting to provide essentials for a young person. It’s something she needs to be healthy and clean and has nothing to do with sexuality," one person commented.

Others said there is absolutely no excuse.

"My father, now aged 77, bought tampons and pads for myself, my sister, and my mom with zero embarrassment for years. Each of us had our own preferences for brands and types of products and he always remembered what we liked and bought specifically those for us.

If my Boomer father raised Southern Baptist could do that, there is no excuse for your husband," one person shared.

How would you handle this situation?

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