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Mom Posted Gender Of Baby On Social Media Before Telling Her Family

Got major family drama? There's a Reddit channel for that.

One user recently shared that their major faux pas in the world of pregnancies. They posted the gender of their baby on social media before telling their entire family.

As you can imagine, the family — especially the mother-in-law — did not like that.

Believe it or not, there are many social "rules" that come with announcing a baby on social media.

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First, most people wait until the end of the first trimester to announce they're expecting. This is usually enough time to guarantee a safe pregnancy.

Second, most people host a gender reveal party with their family.

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This is a great way to let everyone know all at once.

But since the coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing, one soon-to-be mother had to get creative.

Reddit user PurpleUnicorn434 shared that she and her husband called up both sets of grandparents on FaceTime and used gender reveal balloons.

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This is definitely a lot safer than some controversial gender reveals.

"He called his grandparents and told them, I messaged my close friends and family," she continued.


"I knew he hadn’t told his uncles and auntie. Didn’t think much of it." In the excitement of finding out that she's having a boy, the Redditor bought a baby onesie.

Her mother was also wanting her to post something about her first grandson.

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"So I posted a picture of the onesie with the ultrasound, within the first minute of it being up my partner said he hadn’t told everyone yet...."

"So I asked him if he wanted me to take it down."

To this, her partner said no. But while he was okay with the post, his mother certainly wasn't.

As you can imagine, this is when the drama started to seriously hit the fan.

"Que to his mum messaging me saying her family shouldn’t have to find out through social media???" she vented.

"I’m sorry since when do I have to ask for permission to post about my child?"

"Like are people that arsed about the genitals of my child that I need to inform everyone in person?" she continued.


The backlash got worse: "Now she’s messaging me telling me that my poor DH is stressed about work tomorrow so I should’ve waited??? He told me not to bother deleting it."

She made her thoughts on the conflict pretty clear: "Sorry your neighbours grandmas dog had to find out through social media but [expletive] that noise."

So far, a lot of people have shared their thoughts. One person who was on her side wrote that it's her moment to be excited. "Take it and enjoy it."

Another agreed, writing that she shouldn't let her in-laws ruin the moment.

"This is your first baby. Don’t let anyway take away the joy and excitement of your pregnancy. You do you and anyone that has a problem can naff off," they wrote.

Another shared that the point of social media is to share news.

Which obviously, is a very fair point.

One person, however, argued that they should have talked to their husband before posting.

"It’s his child too. Saying he’s fine afterwards doesn’t really cut it as far as I’m concerned," they wrote.

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The soon-to-be mom responded to this, agreeing that she did drop the ball there.

"It was one of those things that didn’t really even cross my mind in the excitement, we’ve obviously been discussing all of it and I apologised to him for it," she explained.

"He said not to worry his mum just does his head in but he can see how excited I am."

When someone told her to block her MIL, she also shared that the MIL had already crossed boundaries.

"She’s already annoyed me earlier in the pregnancy and at that point I was ready to tell DH, that she isn’t being around me at all anymore at that point."


What do you think of the situation? Is the mom-to-be in the wrong or the MIL? Let us know in the comments! We would love to hear from you.