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Grandparents Share Important Lessons They Want Their Grandchildren To Know

Grandparents are the real MVPs.

They spoil their grandkids, help with babysitting (although one grandma wants to retire from that, and carry a lot of wisdom.

Their many years on this planet have taught them a lot about everything from love to finances to self-worth.

Here, grandparents say what they want their grandchildren to know. Similarly, grandchildren share the most valuable lessons their grandparents taught them.

True love exists for everyone.


You might not think it's true after three bad dates in a row, but it is.

"My grandmother always told me, 'There's a lid for every pot,' a mate for everyone. I totally trusted her on that and it helped me find my own soulmate," this person shared.

Show respect to everyone.

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"My message to my grandchildren is to always show love and respect to everyone who comes into your life no matter the color of their skin. We are all human. We all bleed red, and we all come from this earth." - Lacretia Holt Pollard

Family is what truly matters.


This was told to a Redditor by their grandmother when they were on their death bed. "Spend time with your loved ones because that's all that counts in the end."

Find a career you truly love.

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Life is too short to be unhappy! "For my own dear girls, my granddaughters, I would tell them to seek out work that you love doing. It will fill your soul." – Linda Landsman

Be independant and have money of your own.

This person had one financially savvy grandma.

They always told them to "have your own money and pretend the snakes are on it." This means that you should have your own money that only you can touch.

Have love and respect for yourself.


"I'm about to become a grandparent and I want to tell my grandchild, 'Have love and respect for your family, and your friends but above all, yourself.'" - Maxine Tracey Gilbert

Make sure your partner does half the chores.


It's 2021 — time to pitch in, fellas! This person's grandma says so:

"My grandmother used to say, 'Don't make yourself too useful.'" This means that you should let your husband help out.

Talk to people instead of texting.

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"I have five grandchildren and I tell them: 'Turn your cellphones off and talk to people! Be present.' There is nothing worse than kids not connecting because of their devices." –Paula Millhouse

Make time for family dinners.

Doing so helped bring this Redditor's family closer together.

"Everyone pitched in, making food dishes, setting the table, making drinks and appetizers, serving and cleaning up. It was a real family effort," they wrote.

Always put your best foot forward.

"I want them to always be respectful, honest, and kind to others. And my message is, 'Put your best self forward and always do your best.'" -Annette Tomplait

Don't give your love to someone who doesn't love you back.

This quote from someone's grandpa needs to be repeated to any person who keeps chasing after someone who puts in no effort.

It's hard to let go, but doing so gets you closer to finding your person.

Give 100 percent to anything you do.

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"Go all-in when you have a task to complete or a goal to achieve. Give 100% to any undertaking. Be happy about successes and know you are capable. Remember: finding the 12 ways it didn’t work leads to the 13th way that it will." - Kimberly

Don't let people see you cry.

As cathartic as crying is, it can be viewed as a weakness to some people.

This person's grandma would say, "Never let them see you sweat. You can cry at home with loved ones, but always be tough on the outside."

Always try, try again.

"There will be highs and lows during your life. With the love and support of your awesome family and the perseverance and strength you have inside, you will be able to handle whatever comes your way." - Kimberly

Remember that everything happens for a reason.

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It's a hard lesson to believe when bad stuff happens, but this person's grandmother held true to this until she died at 101.

So regardless of the situation or circumstances, remember, "It's for the best."

You're in charge of your own life.

This Redditor's grandparents taught them that they're in the driver's seat of their own life.

"Nobody else decides what's right for you. Only YOU can do what is right for YOU."

Don't stay in a bad marriage.

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Wise words. On this person's wedding day, their grandmother pulled them aside and told them to only stay in the marriage as long as they're happy.

When they're not, get a divorce.

Don't have kids until you're ready.

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Now, accidents happen. But this person's grandparent believed in the value of growing within your relationship before adding children into the mix.

This helps ensure a stable foundation for a family.

Learn as much as you can.

"It never ends. You will never know it all, even if you think you already do. There’s that 'one more thing' that could tip the scales in your favor. Don’t miss out." - Kimberly

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