11-Year-Old Creates Craft Kits That Help Children In Need Heal Through Art

No one has a heart bigger than Chelsea Phair's.

At the age of 10, Chelsea decided she wanted to start a charity. Her goal was to give back to kids in need through art. Not only did she meet her goal, she exceeded it in a big way.

Now, Chelsea and her parents run Chelsea's Charity, and she's helping kids across the world express themselves through art!

Chelsea started her mission to give back at a young age.

Her mom, Candace, told Today that she had been asking to start doing charity work as early as five years old. Her mom felt she was ready for the responsibility by her 10th birthday.

She immediately knew what she wanted to do.

For that 10th birthday, Chelsea skipped out on the presents. Instead, she asked for art supplies that could use to create art kits to donate to kids in need!

Her idea was an immediate success.

She was able to create 40 kits out of her birthday donations. That turned out to be just the beginning of her journey, and Chelsea's Charity was soon born.

Chelsea wanted her kits to have good, high-quality materials.

"Chelsea picked out all the things she likes to use. Crayola crayons and certain types of paints — she felt like kids should have the same type of materials she was using," Candace told Today.

She travelled to different cities with the art kits.

The goal was to donate them to kids who had been caught in mass shootings. She traveled to places like El Paso, Texas, and Jersey City, New Jersey to donate the kits.

She didn't limit her giving back to kids, either.

For Women's History Month, Chelsea decided to donate kits for adult women in need, including those in shelters. The goal was to pack 600 kits — she made it to 1000!

She didn't let the pandemic stop her.

Her work went online, where she hosted virtual kit packing parties and invited others to pack their own donation kits alongside her. The parties were huge successes!

She said art was the key to healing.

"I love art because it has the ability to open doors to a new world for everyone. It's like we can escape in the arts, and I wanted to share it with others because everyone should be able to escape like that if they want."

At the end of the day, art can really be a form of therapy.

"I just know how much art has helped me when I was really sad, so I wanted to see if it could possibly help other kids, too."

You can join Chelsea and help her with donations right here!

h/t Today