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Terrible Candle Scents For People Who Want To Laugh At The End Of The Day

So it's been a long day, you're tired, you're done with thinking, and you want to shut your brain off and relax. At first, your instinct may be to pop open a candle and sit back to a calming scent, but what if instead of calming, the scent was absolutely terrible?

Cornering its own very unique section of the market, companies like Whiskey River Soap and Perfect Little Insults put out entire lines full of gag-gift candles.

The smell of cats, hairballs and all.

Whiskey River Soap | Whiskey River Soap

Meant to cause a laugh and be a lighthearted joke between friends, these "prank" candles help people smile and take their life a little less seriously.

Sure, maybe your house does always smell like that spot of cat pee you can't get out of the carpet, but that doesn't mean you aren't damn proud of your kitty-loving lifestyle.

Book Club: light on the books, heavy on the wine.

Whiskey River Soap | Whiskey River Soap

With the relatable smell of dusty book pages and wine, the weird combo comes out strong in Whiskey River Soap's Book Club candle. I mean let's face it, what's a book club for if not opening another bottle of wine and chatting with friends?

A little bit of levity to get through the rougher times.

Perfect Little Insults' line of hard-hitting candles serves up a plate of reality with their quippy joke-scents. Urging people to find the humor in even the harder things, their candles help you feel a little more seen and a little less alone no matter what struggle you're going through.

Oh, sorry, I almost missed this one completely...

Whiskey River Soap | Whiskey River Soap

Either as a joke gift for your sibling or a conciliatory gift for yourself, Whiskey River Soap's Middle Child candle comes almost entirely unscented. Similar to your accomplishments, this candle will go largely unnoticed when you light it, fading to the background and staying remaining overlooked.

It's probably good to have one of these in your closet, just in case.

Finally, one that I'm sure strikes fairly close to home for a large number of us, Perfect Little Insults' Dumpster Fire candle smells like burning garbage, the perfect end to a bad week.

For any of the times you just want to stew in it a little, light this baby up, and feel comforted in the knowledge that you're not alone.

What would your scent be called?

What do you think of these sassy candles, do their horrible scents intrigue you? If you could have a candle made solely for you, what would the scent be called? Let us know in the comments below!