14+ People Who Hid Jokes In Unexpected Places

It is not only films and tv shows that are littered with little Easter eggs; the real world is too.

From people being politely dissed by prominent children's authors in unexpected ways to individuals who had dogs that looked strangely like celebrities, here are 14+ people who hid jokes in unexpected places!

"I would like to share with you all the time I was politely dissed by R.L. Stine. I was in 4th Grade and mailed my book to him to autograph."

Clearly there is no one who can tell R.L. Stine where to write except R.L. Stine! I think that we all learned a valuable lesson today!

"At my local cheese store."

I bet that the people who came up with this had a gouda laugh about it, it's brie-lliant!

"The math doesn't add up..."

Looks like Morgan is having something of an identity crisis. Still, does that mean you get two lawyers for the price of one, or is this just a ploy to double bill clients?

"Found this on the way home."

It looks strangely like they have written, "Do your olon thing," which really changes the tone of the message.

"Utah Macy's really knows how to cater to their market."

This is either a very funny joke about a one-sided sleeping arrangement or a statement about polyamory...take your pick!

"The trashcan seems to be having an existential crisis..."

Everyone goes through an existential crisis at some point in their life, and bins are no exception. But then, given what's inside, is it any wonder?

Weird Customisation Job...

I don't know why anyone would ever want this, but what the hell! It's very specific and a little bit creepy, but you do you!

"Oh, Florida Man..."

I cannot tell whether I really love this design or hate it more than anything I have ever laid eyes on before.

"You can't always get what you want. But if you try sometimes..."

Looks like they didn't get what they wanted, but they got what they kneaded instead!

"Not even the Pope?"

Now I am just picturing the Pope crying while having to turn around his little Popemobile to find parking elsewhere.

Is That Really What You Want?

"Dave, your ears are bleeding, did you press that bloody emergency switch again?"


Good To Know!

This is an amazing idea, and I'm shocked that no company has thought of offering this service before! If only there was a term for this sort of thing?

"Looked under Dad's couch cushions and found the Zenith Remote Control Museum."

Jesus, all I am wondering now is how old is your dad's couch?! He needs to get some new furniture!

"This guy's tattoo shows a great sense of humor."

This is the sort of tattoo that you really have to earn! It's good that he managed to stay positive despite this loss!

"The new pirate store!"

This is an expression that can be used in all manner circumstances in the pirate dialect. Although, the primary use is as an exclamation for when they get beaned in the nards.

"My friends say my dog looks like Robert DeNiro."

I bet this dog owner must have a nightmare whenever they call this dog only for him to turn around and say, "You talkin' to me?"

"We bought T-Rex arms for our chickens."

I don't know what chicken they're referring to? This just looks like a still from the new Jurassic Park film.

"Steve Jobs was out there trapping people with shady contracts since day one."

In fairness, it was hard to real all of the terms and conditions written on the back of that apple, it was a tiny font after all!

"Times are getting tough when Home Depot has added a therapy canopy."

"Hey, so I've just been having a real hard time at the moment, I'm really struggling to..."

"Sorry, is this a lumber-related problem?"

"No, I've got really severe..."

"Get the hell out of here!"