Tesco Gives Hilarious Response To Man Who Finds Dead Worm In His Cucumber

Not long ago, Facebook user Wes Metcalfe was digging through his fridge looking for the ingredients to make a cucumber sandwich. As he pulled the cucumber from the crisper, he noticed something out of sorts.

There, wrapped tightly in plastic around Wes' favorite Tesco snack, was a worm. Wes quickly wrote to Tesco customer service department and the response is the absolute best.

Wes Metcalfe was making a cucumber sandwich, when he discovered a worm.

Wes messaged the Tesco supermarket to explain what had happened. He said that his children named the worm William and were heartbroken when they discovered that he was dead.

The young father went on to relay in dramatic fashion how he now had to plan a worm funeral.

Unsplash | Eli Solitas

To make matters even worse, Wes said that the whole experience has made him completely lose his taste for cucumber sandwiches — which used to be his favorite snack to eat at a wake/funeral.

A Tesco customer service rep named Rob read Wes' message and replied in truly poetic fashion.

The poem is called "An Ode to William." It begins with "Although life takes funny old turns, we can all learn from William the worm. Let us gather, light a candle to burn, and celebrate the life of William the worm."

This sparked a clever back-and-forth, that culminated with Wes's final poetic thoughts:

"Tesco please don't let this happen again. Don't let William's life be lost in vain. But let's not focus on who's to blame, Tesco have apologised admitting their shame."

You can read the entire exchange of messages between Rob and Tesco, here.