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Weird Toilet Paper Holders That Make Every Visit Feel Special

Using toilet paper is a necessary part of everyone's day, even if it's not the "prettiest" activity. And while having a beautiful, calming bathroom can help make your daily visits more enjoyable, wouldn't it be great to also add a bit of humor?

Coming out with playfully humorous toilet paper holder designs, many companies are jumping on board the "funny and cute" train, offering products that bring a smile to your bathroom routine.

A happy shark butler for your bottom.

HL Home | Amazon

Sold on Amazon for just over $30, I'm sure "shark butler" isn't at all what your first thought would have been when you thought of toilet paper holder. But with its big toothy grin, who can deny its silly charm?

A patient alligator awaiting your needs.

If you like your underwater creatures to walk on land as well, maybe River's Edge Products' alligator is the toilet paper holder for you. With big webbed feet to support his body, this smiling gator sits on a ledge or table beside the toilet, patiently waiting to pass you your needed squares.

A neigh-borly horse saying hello.

Design Toscano | Wayfair

Galloping its way into the fray, Design Toscano offers its own TP animal companion, thrilling light-hearted horse-lovers everywhere. Looking regal with windswept hair, can't you just picture this in a cute kids' bathroom?

From one dog's bum to your own.

Its toilet humor perfectly on-theme in a bathroom, this doggo's bum dispenses squares of toilet paper with every wipe. Though it may not be everyone's taste, this ceramic dispenser is available on Amazon in white, pink, blue, and gray.

A bear-y helpful handout.

kosmonautin | Reddit

And finally, always ensuring your toilet paper is as soft as a bear's bottom, this plastic bear paw TP holder would certainly make an impression on anyone using your bathroom.

How about you, do you like any of these creative toilet paper holders? Is it time to add a little bit of silliness and whimsy to your home design? Or should the whole idea get flushed? Let us know in the comments below!

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