12+ Ideas To Get The Most Out Of A Tiny Bathroom

If you've ever had to deal with a tiny bathroom, you understand how hard it can be to organize it well. I know a thing or two about that. I've never had the luxury of ample bathroom space.

So over the years, I had to learn how to work with space I do have. And I'm willing to share some useful tips with you.

1. Use A Wall-Mounted Towel Rack

No space to hang those towels? No problem. You can easily use a wall tower rack like this one to store up to eight towels. Wow! I think that's such a neat idea, no?

2. Utilize A Toilet Paper Storage Stand

Why get a typical toilet paper stand when you can find something much better, huh? I really like this one that comes with a shelf to keep your space fresh with some candles.

3. Install A Shower Caddy

I'm such a huge fan of shower caddies. They serve a great purpose. I don't know how anyone can get by without one. They allow you to keep all your necessities such as shampoo and conditioner right where you need them.

4. Make Use Of Your Under-The-Sink Area

I have to admit, my under-the-sink area needs some cleaning up. I definitely want to get these two-tier, slide-out baskets to organize it better. What a great idea, huh? Where have they been all my life?

5. Get A Shelf Ladder

I've seen this shelf ladder idea a lot recently, and I really love it. It's such a simple way to clean up your bathroom space that looks chic and modern. What do you think of it?

6. Organize Your Drawers

I bet you have a few drawers in your bathroom you can use to store some necessities. However, are they well organized? If not, then you need a setup like this, my friend. Doesn't this look so lovely?

7. Utilize An Over-The-Toilet Shelf

The best way to maximize your space in a tiny bathroom is to utilize an over-the-toilet shelf like this one. Its vertical storage allows you to display things in a much more efficient way. Don't you think so?

8. Get This Over-The-Door Hot Tools Organizer

Ladies, we all love our hot hair tools. Am I right? But it's always tricky to find the right space for them in a small bathroom. That's why I'm a big fan of this over-the-door organizer.

9. Install This Clever Setup

Wow, check out this amazing wall organizer. It comes with a hands-free, one-touch toothpaste dispenser that gets every last drop out of your tube. What a neat way to keep your whole family organized, huh?

10. Hang Up Your Scale

No space in your bathroom for a scale? No worries. You can easily install a mount like this one, so it's right where you need it. What a neat idea? I would never have thought of that.

11. Set Up An Over-The-Tub Shelf

Oh my goodness, how cute is this over-the-tub shelf? I absolutely love this adorable idea. Imagine soaking in your tub with this chill set up here? That's like having your own spa at home.

12. Utilize A Self-Adhesive Wall Organizer

I get it, your bathroom space is scarce. But you can still find effective ways to get the most out of your limited sink space. This self-adhesive wall organizer can hold all your extra items.

13. Create Storage Space Inside Your Bathtub

OMG, have you ever seen anything as cool as this before? I can't say that I have. Wouldn't it be awesome to have this installed in your bathroom? Some companies actually do that.

See, what did I tell you? It isn't that hard to organize a tiny bathroom.

Unsplash | intan Indiastuti

All you need is some creativity and a few smart ideas. I'm getting at least a few I can use in my own small bathroom space.