Not Wanting To Share Her Birthday Cake, Toddler Comes Up With Tragic 'Lion King' Design

Aren't three-year-olds so funny? I mean, where do these kids get their sense of humor so early on? Ha, ha!

Okay, why am I talking about this? Well, this one kid asked for a Lion King-themed birthday cake which would have be fine and dandy. But the cake this little girl asked for was pretty unusual, to say the least. Find out below what it actually entailed.

One of my favorite Disney movies, when I was a kid, was Bambi.

I admit, though, it is a pretty sad story. But for some reason, I absolutely loved it. So, I can definitely relate to the little girl in this story.

You see, this three-year-old asked for a tragic scene from the movie to be included on her cake.

She wanted the cake to show the part when Mufasa dies.

Yikes! But the reasoning for this is actually pretty funny. This little girl said that, “Everyone will be too sad to eat the cake, and it will be all for me.”

OMG, ha, ha! Isn't this little girl so clever?

I like the way she's thinking here. I can't believe her parents actually got her the cake she asked for. I guess they totally get her and share her wicked sense of humor.

As it turns out, there are other kids with a similar style.

After Leona's aunt posted the story on Twitter, other parents started sharing their kid's cake requests. And they're just as funny as this one. Check this out below.

And this kid requested a poop emoji party for her birthday, hehe.

I wonder what the cake looked like there. It's super funny, but I don't know if I would be able to eat it. How about you? A little too literal or what?

Most folks who saw this 'Lion King'-themed cake praised this little girl for her critical thinking skills.

I have to say, I totally agree with them. I would be thrilled to see what this little one can accomplish one day.

Oh my goodness, this might be a little bit sinister.

It's so funny how kids at this age are fascinated by the weirdest things. Do you get what I'm saying? They usually grow out of it later, but I would watch this one closely.

Now, this is the question we all want answers to, right?

Did it work in the end? Did people eat the cake or did they feel too sad? I hope she got to eat it all by herself.

What do you think of this story?

Did it make you laugh? Or are you concerned for this little girl? I'm just joking, of course. I, too, think that she's going places. She's too clever not to. Do you agree with me?