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Their HOA Banned Rainbow Flags, So Family Lights Their House With Pride Colors

It's national Pride month, and it's time to let our Pride flags fly (if we ever took them down in the first place)! Unfortunately, in some places, that's not an option.

In Reddit user memon17's town, their HOA issued an order banning any flags other than the US flag after a number of houses flew "opinion" flags the previous month.

They received an email saying that their Pride flag had been reported.

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One day after the new guidelines were passed, memon17 and their family received an email from the HOA who had received a complaint reporting their house's Pride flag.

Hanging from the front porch of their home since 2016, it was with great reluctance that memon17 conceded and took the symbol down.

Reading carefully over the HOA restrictions, they found a new way to display their pride.

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Reading carefully through the new HOA guidelines, they noticed that there were no restrictions placed on removable lights. That gave them a colorful idea.

In a show of rule-abiding rebellion, memon17 told Reddit that the "HOA won’t let us fly our modest Pride flag, so we just follow the rules", and went out to buy some lights.

They lit up their house in the colors of Pride.

memon17 | Reddit

Lighting their house with 6 multi-colored floodlights, memon17 washed their house in the rainbow colors of Pride.

Much more vibrant than their modest flag ever was, the new display is entirely permittable under the new HOA guidelines.

Now their Pride celebration is more vibrant than ever.

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Reporting that the lights are "a lot more fun for anyone complaining about the flag itself and what it represents", memon17 and their family have found their own way to celebrate Pride this June.

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