Students Who Aren’t Having The Best Luck With Remote Learning

Being a student at any level can always pose its own unique challenges and stresses, but this year things have been particularly bad for students across the globe.

And, to show some of the people who have not adapted to the new world order too well, here are students who aren't having the best luck with remote learning!

"Checked on my daughter to see how school was going. Now waiting for the teacher's email...what's with the bat?!"

The "Hang in there" wall hanging really sends the opposite message to that which their daughter is currently sending out!

"This is how our 5th grader is coping with Monday today. If wearing a plague doctor mask while remote learning doesn't sum up 2020 schooling, I don't know what does."

If I were the teacher of that class I would be worried that there was no one behind that mask and that the kid had just set up a well-placed mannequin.

"Teaching 5th graders on zoom has been a blast."

Well, now I cannot stop imagining the "Bobonic plague" as a load of men called Bob just milling about and asking where the nearest pub or hardware store is.

"2nd day of virtual school..."

Wow, and this kid's parents managed to let this happen when they only had one kid to be watching. I don't fancy their chances as teachers!

This Kid Is Nailing Zoom Classes...

Teachers used to moan about people swinging back on their chair, but this is a whole new level! Although, maybe this is just gym class when done via Zoom?

"My boss turned herself into a potato on our Microsoft teams meeting and can't figure out how to turn the setting off, so she was just stuck like this the entire meeting."

Sure, she couldn't figure it out, eh? Something tells me that she just wanted to live life as a potato for a while, and that's perfectly fine in my book!

"The cat loves to show her ass during the daughter's virtual clASSes."

"Hi, Laura, can you please make sure that you have your camera turned on for our classes."

"You really don't want that!"

The Perks Of Being A Theater Major!

And to think that some people say that doing an arts degree is easy! Absolute nonsense!

The Smartest Way To Avoid Work...

This teacher explained, "Today one of my 4th grade students renamed himself 'reconecting...' on our Zoom call and pretended that he was having internet issues to avoid participating in our lesson."

"Two girls sit outside a Taco Bell in Salinas, CA for access to free wi-fi to attend school online."

I hope that the Taco Bell employees helped them out and didn't ask them to move along!

"Betty wanted to join in my daughter's remote schooling!"

At first, I thought that this was a baby cow that they had inside! Also, I absolutely love the name "Betty" for a dog!

"If anyone wants to know how online school is going, well here it is..."

I have absolutely no idea what class this person is currently taking, but I'm glad that I never took it!

"Remote learning be like..."

That cat doesn't give a rat's ass that you're meant to be learning, all it cares about is carnage and inconvenience!

"I was helping my girlfriend record something on zoom using my computer. Her script said 'throw something' so she did..."

Well, that seems...incredibly stupid. This person did clarify though, "she is an amazing girlfriend and immediately offered to order me a new one."

"A picture of my brother in P.E class today."

Look, not even standing up is one thing, but having the bag of Cheetos right there is just a step too far!

"The frustration of 2020..."

It's not just paper that cats love to be disruptive by sitting on, they love nothing more than destroying your electronic work by sitting across all of the buttons on your keyboard.

"Remote teaching has been a nightmare for us teachers too. Happy Halloween!"

I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to try and control kids over Zoom. I do not envy teachers their job during this period.

"Kindergarten Zoom school by my husband."

In fairness, as an adult, I have to fight the temptation to show everyone in business meetings my cat, so it's not just kids who do this.

"My sister teaches online so her class dressed up as a calendar for Halloween."

I love whoever did October 31, just a spooky red screen with no date. Really sets the tone.

"[The] beauty of Zoom classes."

Just like the days seem to blend together lately, so do the students in virtual classrooms.

"First online class is going well for me."

It's going well for everyone else too, they have Yoda as a classmate!

"Just now in online class a classmate used the raise my hand feature and when the teacher called on him he said he was just stretching."

It's good to stretch those muscles, virtual or otherwise!

"Day 2 of online class [...]."

That tic-tac-toe game is a social problem, who plays like that?

"[They] won't know what hit them."

Hopefully no one mentions your lack of blinking or the fact that your mouth isn't moving when you talk.

"How my sister taught class [on Halloween].

That jacket is killer, what a stylish teacher!


The only thing that would make this better is if you still used it as a training dummy while in class.

"When I request an extension on my homework for my online class..."

The way this is worded makes it sound like the website's judging you, but not to worry, it's just your teacher.

"Decided to dress up for my first day of online classes."

Looking nice is good and all, but comfort should be your top priority. This hits both of those goals.

"A 6yr old laying down rules & boundaries for their parents during the Online classes being held in the Lockdown."

Clearly, this was transcribed by one of their parents, who probably spent the whole time holding back laughter.

"This is how my teacher did his zoom today."

Good to know the teachers have just as much trouble staying awake as the students do. He is trying to look like he's still awake, right?

Paying Attention.

I mean, yeah. Be it game console or cellphone, I have a feeling this is how most students are getting through their online classes.

"I entered my online class early, but I am just concerned what happened in the last class."

Well, someone was suffering, and someone else got to watch. Seems pretty straightforward.

"It doesn't get any better little one."

Oh God, I don't think that I have ever seen anyone look more defeated by this world! Someone get that kid some damn ice cream or something!

"Required activity for my online class. I thought I was being funny with the banana..."

Funny is one word for it. Unhinged is another.

"The teacher texted me and told me to wake her up."

I often found it far too easy to fall asleep when I was actually in the classroom, so I can't imagine that I would have fared well when doing remote learning either!