'Dogcasso' Wins Over The Internet By Accidentally Redesigning Owner's Shirt

One woman got one unexpected surprise when she discovered that her pit bull had knocked over her bleach cleaner spray. The cleaner sprayed onto her laundry, and the rest was history. Her dog suddenly went from a regular pup to a pro artist pupper. This accidental shirt makeover is definitely one for the century.

It was an accident with a happy ending.

When six-year-old pit bull Apollo added some bleach to his owner's shirt, it turned into one big happy accident. His owner, Tori, explained on Reddit that, "My dog knocked over a bottle of bleach cleaner near my laundry pile and I got a sick new shirt out of it."

Luckily, Apollo was okay.

Dogs and bleach cleaner don't exactly mix well, as bleach cleaner can cause some extreme irritation and harm to our furry friends. Fortunately, Apollo didn't get any of the cleaner in his eyes or any other vulnerable areas. It's a reminder to keep harmful ingredients out of the reach of our pets.

Tori's reaction to this discovery started off as distress.

At first, Tori walked into what looked like a total disaster. She was worried that her entire hamper of laundry was ruined. However, when she found her epic new shirt along with her other clothes that had minimal damage, everything was okay.

The shirt has a cool flame design.

Unsplash | Cullan Smith

We can't help but think that this was meant to be. After all, Apollo is the sun god and this pupper made a shirt full of flames. Most dogs don't go so above and beyond when it comes to living up to their names. We'd say this design is good for at least a few dog treats as payment.

The people of Reddit are impressed.

In addition to his already impressive name, Reddit users have come up their own as well. With nicknames like "Dog Ross" and "Vincent van Doge," it may be a sign that Apollo's art career is about to seriously take off.

This Reddit post got 50.8k upvotes.


A lot of people found themselves expressing their affinity for tie-dye along with Tori and how it's definitely a reminder of how iconic and popular tie-dye used to be. Maybe it's time for it to come back. Apollo is an adorable trendsetter.

People even gave Tori tips on how to to preserve the shirt's design.

Recognizing that bleach is one intense component, Reddit users were quick to guide Tori on how to use hydrogen peroxide to preserve her shirt. While this may be effective, we always advise professional assistance for anything involving quite so many chemicals.

We're wondering what Apollo's next accidental masterpiece will be.

Most people with dogs know, there's always some kind of shenanigans going on at some point with each pupper. We can't help but to wonder if Apollo will have another happy accident soon.

Maybe Apollo will have some shirts for sale one day.


There's no telling what the future holds for Apollo's tie dye shirt making talents. All we do know is that we can't help but to be a little jealous of Tori's awesome shirt.

Let us know what you think of Apollo's happy accident shirt in the comments and if your pet has done something similar before.