Prince Philip Reportedly Left A 'Generous' Portion Of His $42 Million Will To His Staff

It's hard to believe it's been almost two months since HRH Prince Philip passed away at the age of 99. In the weeks following his death, fans of the Royal family have been paying close attention to the grieving queen, who celebrated her 95th birthday just days after her husband's funeral.

Now, fans are getting an insight into Prince Philip's personal life as the details of his will have been released.

In a new article released by *The Sun*, the details of Prince Philip's will are being shared publicly for the first time.

The UK publication reports that The Duke of Edinburgh left behind an estimated $42 million ( £30 million) when he died.

While the Queen is (of course) expected to be the main beneficiary of her late husband's will, it is being reported that Prince Philip also made sure to take care of some of his staffers.

"Unlike some other royals, Prince Philip will be generous to the three men who looked after him," an insider told the outlet.

"These include his private secretary, Brigadier Archie Miller Bakewell, his page William Henderson and valet Stephen Niedojadlo," the source explained.

All three men played a large role in caring for the Prince during his final years.

In fact, it was reported that his secretary Brigadier Archie Miller Bakewell regularly stood in for Philip at events when he was unable to attend.

As fans may recall, Philip stopped doing public appearances at the age of 95 back in 2017.

Philip's page William Henderson and his valet, Stephen Niedojadlo, took turns staying with him during his time at Wood Farm on the Sandringham Estate.

In a touching revelation, The Sun reported Henderson was by his side during his final two days at Windsor Castle.

Of course, a large portion of Philip's fortune will also be distributed amongst his grandchildren — all of his grandchildren.

"Philip was not the sort of character to punish a grandson for misbehaving," the source explained.

"He was a very fair, even-handed, and lovely man. Never held a grudge."

"Philip had plenty of time to sort out all the legal stuff so it wouldn’t attract inheritance tax."

"He was no more of a fan of leaving his cash to the Treasury than anyone else," the source added.

Once returning home from the hospital, Prince Philip reportedly spent a large portion of his time signing photographs of himself that were then arranged in frames and are believed to have been intended as gifts for those who took care of him.

As for his four children, — Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Edward and Prince Andrew — *The Sun* reported they've been told they can "take whatever they want" from his book collection.

Buckingham Palace has refused to confirm the contents of Philip's will.

"This is a personal matter for the family and as such arrangements are private," the palace said in a statement to the outlet.

Fans of the Royal Family took to social media to express their admiration for Prince Philip's decision.

"What a nice guy," tweeted one fan. "That's changing the lives of some people."

He undoubtedly changed the lives of those closest to him at the time of his death, and it reminds us all just how big his heart was!

h/t: The Sun