16+ Weird Pics That Have Nope All Over Them

Life isn't always sunshine and rainbows. We can't feel completely comfortable one hundred percent of the time, no matter how hard we try, so it's best to just take the unsettling stuff as it comes. Besides, a little chill down your spine can be food for the soul.

Get your fill here with this list of weird pics that have nope written all over them.

"No caramel for my ice cream I guess."

Ants are master criminals, able to break into anything, anywhere. If there's a gap in it that can fit a dust particle, it can fit an ant.

"Lady in my moms Facebook cooking group made 'dolls' out of weenies for her kids."

Introduce your children to the concept of cannibalism early with this easy teaching method!

"Japanese Ballpoint Pen Comes With a Live Parasitic Worm."

Every day I wake up and I see new things that have me questioning humanity for the rest of my life.

"One of the hallways at my work. I have to turn on all the lights in the morning."

Nothing quite like the primal fear created by a dark hallway to set off every alarm in your system.

"David Bowie cushion and dog blanket in washing machine."

David doesn't look like he's having a ton of fun in there. Maybe he's just not a fan of being drowned.

"A doll in a toy shop."

They're not doing her any favors with that lighting or that pose. It's like they don't want her to sell at all!

"I spent all afternoon trying to make homemade breadsticks. They came out looking a little... veiny."

Only a little? Because I'm seeing a lot, and it's making me uncomfortable.

"He has risen from the soil and he’s coming for your soul (a local potato bag label)."

What about Bob's potatoes? Oh, I could say a lot about Bob's potatoes, none of it good.

'Yellow Yukon at work today felt bad peeling it."

I'll take a sad-looking potato over the monstrous potato mascot from the last pic any day.

"The way this tree collapsed from the weight of the snow on top of it."

This definitely looks like it's opening to release something from its core. You'll get to find out how devastating it is first hand!

"My nickel was discolored and it made Jefferson look like a ghoul."

That's also how I look in the morning after getting barely any sleep. I don't feel great about resembling Jefferson.

"I never realized how big swordfish actually were."

Putting another dead fish in its mouth feels like adding insult to injury. They've both been through enough at this point.

"Was doing work at a university and had to use the restroom. I always open stall doors from the top when exiting as to not touch the lock. Now my hand is bleeding and I probably need a tetanus shot."

The reasoning behind this was speculated to be for a number of things, including to stop people from hanging off doors to preventing over-the-stall peekers. None of them were reassuring.

"Sydney man finds snake in lettuce bought in supermarket."

This snake was trying to include more vegetables in their diet and was shopping for lettuce too, but they get shamed for being 'found' in the bag? What a double standard.

"Some kind of murder tree that I found on my walk around the hills."

Make sure to prune your rose bushes, folks, you never know how out-of-control they can get!

"The exterminator came out yesterday...the ants were not appreciative."

Reddit | Agitated-Swan132

Good! If they don't pay rent or bills, they have no right to be in your home!

"The way the ink I accidentally got on my hand spread out."

This harkens back to all those young-adult novels from the late 2000s about 'cursed marks' that unlock secret powers and the like.

"Those thorns."

Reddit | e1ioan

Let's get this murder tree to face off against the other murder tree from a few pics ago. Will size or volume reign supreme?

"A sign seen on my walk today. The barbed wire really ties it all together."

This feels threatening either way. If we're apart, we get killed, but if we stay together we might also get killed.

"I don't think zooming in is a good idea."

And I don't think looking at this from any distance is a good idea. It's scary!

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