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Woman Tries Making A Side Table Out Of Dishes Found At A Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is full of affordable household items and is a DIYer's go-to location for cheap building hacks.

Needing a few end tables to complete her home decor, Laryssa Meira decided she'd give DIY a go. Up for a fun challenge, Meira decided to see what she could make using only Dollar Tree materials.

Step 1: Dollar Tree Time

meiralaryssa | TikTok

Scouring Dollar Tree's shelves for plastic dishware, Meira became inspired by a wonderful deal on a plastic bowl set. Picking up a few plastic serving trays to match, she checked the dishware out and set to work.

Step 2: Glue Bowls Together

meiralaryssa | TikTok

Spreading her materials out on a makeshift workbench, Meira decided to go with an accordion-like appearance, stacking five bowls end-to-end on top of the other.

Applying E6000 multi-purpose glue to the rims of each bowl, she adhered the dishes together then allowed them to dry.

Step 3: Paint Bowls

meiralaryssa | TikTok

Then, in order to disguise the clear plastic material of the bowls, she covered the surface with matte-black spray paint, allowing it to dry in the sun.

Optionally, if you think the bowl rims will give the "Dollar Tree item" part away, try carefully removing the rims with a utility knife and sanding the plastic down for a seamless finish.

Step 4: Paint Plates

meiralaryssa | TikTok

Next, wanting to achieve a marble tabletop effect, Maira started by spray painting her two silver trays with a matte white primer.

Once the primer had dried, she went over the whole thing with marble effect spray paint, resulting in the veiny texture seen in real marble slabs.

Finally, she covered both trays with a clear gloss spray paint and waited for it all to dry.

Step 5: Glue Table Together

meiralaryssa | TikTok

Attaching the tabletop to the stand using more E6000 glue, Meira called her Dollar Tree creation complete!

Addressing the comments of a few concerned TikTokers, Meira suggests filling the second-from-the-bottom bowl with something heavy to make the table less topple-prone.

Step 6: Completion

meiralaryssa | TikTok

Gaining the overall respect of viewers, her TikTok video has gained more than 130K likes, the comments full of people impressed with her creativity and talent.

Captioning the video with the comment, "ok but seriously tho how would they know?" Meira holds that the tables look pretty damn good.

What are your thoughts on her budget-friendly upcycle? Would you ever try something like this in your home? Let us know in the comments below!