10+ Fun DIYs That'll Get Your Craft-Loving Heart Racing

Diply 21 Jun 2018

If coming across a new crafting project gets your heart racing, you've come to the right place. I've been scouring the web looking for the best DIY ideas out there, and a handful of them are waiting for your personal touch below!

Take a look, find something you like, and get crafty.

1. DIY Watercolor Stationery

Paper & Stitch

Is there anything prettier than watercolor? I certainly don't think so! If you're a fan of this whimsical technique, check out the simple stationery DIY over on Paper & Stitch.

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2. DIY Chalkboard

Eighteen25 | Eighteen25

If you love the look a framed chalkboard creates in a home, the crafty minds behind Eighteen25 have the perfect weekend project waiting for you and your personal touch.

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3. DIY Donut Beach Umbrella

Studio DIY | Studio DIY

Studio DIY knows how to make donut DIYs look extra amazing. Who wouldn't want to sit under one of these awesome umbrellas on a hot summer day?

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5. DIY Footed Farmhouse Tray

Hunt And Host | Hunt And Host

Can you believe this beautiful tray used to be a lid for an enameled pot? It's amazing what Hunt And Host was able to accomplish with a little bit of spray paint.

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6. DIY Photo Holders

The Gold Jelly Bean | The Gold Jelly Bean

What's a collection of fun DIYs without at least one plastic toy project? Head over to The Gold Jelly Bean to find out how you can transform plastic animals into cute photo holders with minimal effort.

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7. DIY Balloon Arch

Meg McMillin | Meg McMillin

Every special celebration deserves a bright and colorful balloon arch. Lucky for you, Meg McMillin has all the crafty details on how to make one for your next big get-together.

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8. DIY Inexpensive Fire Pit

Keeping It Simple | Keeping It Simple

This fire pit DIY courtesy of Keeping It Simple will cost you well below $100 to recreate, and having one in your backyard will allow you to create priceless memories with family and friends.

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9. DIY Farmhouse Candlesticks 

Little Vintage Nest | Little Vintage Nest

I have a minor obsession with candlesticks. Seriously, you can walk into any room in our house and you’ll find at least one on display. That means it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’m head-over-heels in love with these farmhouse sticks created by Little Vintage Nest!

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10. DIY Dinosaur Eggs 

Eat Move Make With Liz And Chanelle | Eat Move Make With Liz And Chanelle

Do you have a little one who lives and breathes anything related to dinosaurs? If so, you definitely have to try this fun dino egg DIY by Eat Move Make With Liz And Chanelle.

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11. DIY Pom-Pom Hair Elastics 

Flax And Twine | Flax And Twine

Who doesn’t love wearing something fun in their hair? Whether you’re looking to pretty up your child’s ponytail or your own, some tulle pom-pom elastics like these ones, courtesy of Flax And Twine, would do the job nicely.

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12. DIY Leather Earrings

Southernly Splendid | Southernly Splendid

Leather earrings are super trendy right now, and thanks to the easy-to-follow tutorial over on Southernly Splendid, you can be rocking a pair in no time at all!

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13. DIY Geo Planter 

Love + Color | Caroline White

Just like every room in our home has at least one candlestick, they have at least one potted plant, too. I’m loving the vibrant paint and bold pattern on these planters made by Love + Color.

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14. DIY Mirrored Mercury Mason Jars 

Atta Girl Says | Atta Girl Says

I’m always in the mood for a good mason jar DIY! Amy of Atta Girl Says shows us just how easy it is to give a standard mason jar a fresh new look using Krylon Looking Glass spray paint.

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15. DIY Donut Bath Bombs 

A Pumpkin And A Princess | A Pumpkin And A Princess

These bath bombs look good enough to eat! Head over to A Pumpkin And A Princess to find out how to make a dozen of these cuties so you can take your next R&R bath session to the next level.

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16. DIY Memory Ornament

Hometalk | Debbie Avila Newton

Hometalker Debbie Avila Newton managed to completely transform a set of old Christmas ornaments using nothing more than some baking soda and water. Ornaments with meaning are always the best!

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17. DIY Mason Jar Storage  

Haute And Healthy Living | Haute And Healthy Living

Like I said, I love mason jars and any craft project related to them. If you’re in need of a chic, stylish, and inexpensive storage solution for your bathroom or makeup vanity, these pretty little things created by Haute And Healthy Living are the answer.

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18. DIY Marbled Resin Wood Coasters 

Resin Crafts | Resin Crafts

Resin may sound like an intimidating, difficult product to work with, but it’s actually super easy to use, and the results are always amazing. Let the crafty minds behind Resin Crafts show you how it’s done.

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19. DIY Mason Jar Lid Magnets 

UnOriginal Mom | UnOriginal Mom

OK, OK, OK, this is the last mason jar-related project, I swear! Meredith over on unOriginal Mom managed to transform the lids from some of her jars into magnetic picture frames for all of her favorite family memories.

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21. DIY Garden Stepping Stones 

Garden Therapy | Garden Therapy

I’ve been looking for the perfect garden stone idea for our wildflower garden, and I think this one by Garden Therapy may be it! The shapes, size, and design possibilities are endless with this one.

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Do you have your eye on any of these DIYs? Which one are you planning on tackling first?


Let us know in the COMMENTS, and don't forget to SHARE this collection of ideas with all of the crafty people in your life!

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