20 People Who Made The Best Of Bad Circumstances

We can all find ourselves stuck in something of a bad situation from time to time, although some people seem to find themselves inherently drawn to bad situations on a daily basis.

So, from individuals who made the most of mowing the lawn to people who found ingenious ways of cheating, here are 20 people who made the best of bad situations!

"Mow your lawn and drink your beer at the same time."

I feel like I have to say, please don't do this at home, just in case someone out there was feeling particularly inspired.

"Well, I guess that's one way of being considerate."

It always baffles me when people move next door to a pub or event space and then complain about the noise. Well, I say "people" but "jerks" is a more apt way to describe them.

"My daughter's list in case anything happens to her older brother.'

I like the way that they're saying "in case anything happens to her older brother" as though we don't all know that she will be behind it.

"Celebrating my cousin's vasectomy."

"Look, you may be experiencing severe testicular discomfort, but you've got cake!"


"Who needs a hearse?"

Maybe the person who died loved that pickup truck and wanted it used as a hearse, there's nothing wrong with that!

"Always look for a place with good sand."

"Look, we've not got any food, so what're we going to cook?!"


"Good enough!"

"I made a replica of my ear out of boredom!"

I mean, they really shouldn't have. It is apparently made from polymer clay, and it is truly unsettling.

"7 wheels are better than 4?"

I hope to God that they're on their way to a garage, but something tells me that they aren't.

"I'm bad for using whatever tool is handy as a hammer, usually a crescent wrench. My husband engineered this for my birthday."

This feels like it would have been a weapon in Ratchet & Clank. But would it be called a Wrammer or a Hench?

"Thought he was stuck but realized he was just sleeping."

Sometimes the only option when you are in a pickle is to just fall asleep. It's worked for me many a time!

"Wife frantically called to tell me our dog got stuck in the fence and couldn't breathe. Came home to this."

This is a dog that truly won't let the bleakness of its situation dampen its mood! Just look how happy it is!

"Loaves of bread used as windshield wipers..."

There's nothing quite as safe or effective at making your drive safer than smushing soggy bread all over your windshield!

"My solution for broken clock is my retired Casio."

Much like the legendary Nokia 3310, you'll have a hard job getting a more reliable piece of tech than that Casio!

"The cat burglar has struck again!"

Make a show out of your cat's criminal behavior so your neighbors don't think you're the glove-hoarding weirdo. Smart.

"With such a tattoo, you would think he would have more brand loyalty than that."

This tattoo gives me a pretty good idea about a lot of this man's ideals, but his relationship with the concept of "brand loyalty" isn't one of them.

"Chopsticks that are also a fork, in case you're not feeling too confident."

Nope, snap them in half and struggle through like a normal person! Never give in to the fork, just keep painstakingly trying!

"Bumper Stiches."

Of all the DIY car repairs I've seen, this somehow ranks among the least offensive. I am curious about what's going on with those tires, though.

"Got my new license plate in the mail today."

Can't be made to feel insecure about it if you accept it with open arms and scream it from the rooftops!

"I wanted to make my ant traps extra effective."

Someone did ask what the ants who are looking for sexy male ants are to do, to which the person who posted this added, "they can go to the ant trap on the next windowsill." It's good that they're accommodating all ants!

"She saw me put chicken in the bin [...]."

Clearly, she must be starving then! Sure she has food in her bowl and you just gave her treats, but look at her, she's wasting away!

Work With What You've Got!

Is this something that people really do? I've never seen such as genius display of MacGyvering — and yes, I'm making that a verb.

"We just adopted Bobo. He came with a free doggie door."

A beloved family pet and a handyman? You just hit the doggy jackpot!

"My phone's battery case finally arrived in the mail! I'm really gonna miss being a mom..."

"But why do we have to leave mom, we don't want to live on the street."

"I'm sorry kids, mom's new phone case said you have to."

"Found on my way to buy groceries."

Note to self, if you want better car reviews, leave more lose dollars strewn about so thieves don't feel like they wasted their time.

"Hangers to prop open the broken window AND stop the cats from getting out of the massive holes in the screen. Double kill."

It's this type of engineering prowess that gives me hope for humanity's future.

"Damn Chihuahuas."

I can imagine how satisfying this must have been to write.

Putting all the pettiness you contain into one clear, concise letter. It's catharsis.

"Lockdown advice / regular everyday advice."

That last step is only important if you're leaving your house, right?

I don't need pants if I plan on moving a grand total of 10 feet today.

"My wife had the virus and I didn't so she makes me wait in the car when we get groceries. I made a sign."

He has managed to capture the forlorn look of a man who is bored of waiting for his wife very accurately!

"My father in law is getting a service dog for his Parkinson’s…his dog loves the ac but has a long way to go."

He already seems like a very good boy to me, what else could he need?

"When the professor says you can only use one note card on a test."

I am most amazed at the fact that those are 3-D glasses from Spy Kids 3-D! And they just ripped them in half?!

I guess the important thing is that it worked!